Top 7 Best Dual Setup Monitors for 2020

What are the best dual setup monitors? That’s what this guide is all about.

This is an unbiased list and none of these manufacturers have paid for placement. Our team tested hundreds of monitors shopped online through Amazon and spent thousands of hours testing these monitors.  

A dual monitor setup gives a multitasking experience especially if you are into photo editing, spreadsheet editing, content writing and video editing. It boosts the productivity level and minimizes the time spent in front of the screen. It expands the work space on the screens giving you the ease to utilize the space as per your need. Dual monitor setup is also great for gaming and provide you wider display.

Most monitors with the right configuration work well with dual monitor setup while others might not. But there are some screens available for better experience, which includes thin bezels and multiple input options. Let’s move to our list of the top monitors for dual setup.

These are the top dual setup monitors you should buy now

1. Acer CB242Y

At the 0/128 and 0/192 transitions, the initial response time test indicated a relevant slow response time, with overdrive to be in the usual environment. It was obviously worse than other IPS tables, such as the Dell U2312HM that I had available for a direct comparison, which was tested as an allrounder capable of gaming. Additionally, the ghosting test showed enough ghosting to make me believe more passionate gamers in fast-sport games will be faced with a challenge.Without overdrive, you can really see the ghost behind the ufo clearly. The outcome is stronger with regular overdrive, but there’s always a bit of ghosting. Extreme overdrive leads to objects that are profoundly ghosting.

The effect’s stationary images don’t give an exact impression, but they do show a transition, and they show the afterimage left by the intense overdrive.

Overall the best setting is standard overdrive. But even with that, the panel doesn’t seem to be especially fast, slower than any other IPS panel capable of gaming. But please bear in mind that while gaming, I did not find ghosting as a negative This is not bad for the Acer CB242Y.

It doesn’t dazzle with 144Hz and for others, the included motion blur reduction won’t be a choice, since my unit’s speaker doesn’t function is odd. But it does have 75Hz, Freesync, and reasonable response times even while gaming in session. Colors and brightness are fine, there was minimal bleed of the backlight, viewing angles appeared perfect.The very nice monitor stand adds to that and you have a convincing bid. For those looking for a cheap allrounder, this CB242Y is a valid choice not too concentrated on gaming, it is a competent FreeSync IPS budget display.

2. ViewSonic VA2456

The ViewSonic ® VA2456-MHD is a productivity-boosting display suitable for business professionals, with future-proof connectivity. Crafted for wide-angle viewing and extremely vibrant colors with SuperClear ® IPS panel technology, It also boasts a 3-sided frameless design for a smooth visual experience in multi-monitor setups.

Extensive networking options include VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort so you can connect today and tomorrow to a range of HD and analog devices. In reality, Flicker-Free software and a Blue Light Filter help to alleviate eye strain from prolonged viewing periods.

This monitor is a strong long-term investment for businesses and homes with ViewSonic’s industry-leading 3-year limited warranty. Enjoy precise and vibrant colors, regardless of the viewing point, with consistent levels of brightness. This display provides the same picture quality with SuperClear IPS panel technology if you look at the screen from above, below, front, or sides. This monitor features an edge-to-edge frameless screen that delivers an enhanced visual experience. “The unique ViewModeTM function of ViewSonic offers presets of” Game,” “Film,” “Internet,” “Text, “and” Mono. To provide an optimal viewing experience for various screen apps, these preset boost gamma curve, color temperature, contrast, and brightness.


The AOPEN 27ML1U is an affordable monitor that delivers image quality at an amazing value. It offers vibrant colors, large viewing angles, transparent detail, and plenty of screen space. It also has a motion blur reduction technology, AMD FreeSync up to 75Hz, and a good response time speed which makes it the perfect gaming display.

A 75Hz refresh rate provides a small increase in visibility of movement and fluidity of gameplay but does not expect any substantial change over standard 60Hz displays. For quick-paced and competitive games, we suggest getting a 1080p 144Hz display instead. But the AOPEN 27ML1U 1440p gaming monitor is a better option for you, if you just play the latest AAA titles and more graphically based games (or games that are locked to 60FPS).

The input lag of the AOPEN 27ML1U is only ~10ms, which makes the delay between your actions and the effect on the screen imperceptible. In addition, the speed of response time is around 4ms, which is sufficient to clear any prominent trail of artifacts that pass quickly.

You can allow the TVR (Turbo Visual Response) feature, which reduces the perceived ghosting and motion blur through backlight strobing, for CRT-like motion clarity. Backlight strobing often reduces the maximum brightness of the display when running, so use it only if you like it in fast-paced gaming; otherwise, make sure it is off. So, if you’re not using accurate colors and your FPS rate in games is normally about 100FPS, you can go instead with the AOC CQ27G1.

4. Dell S2718D

This IPS panel provides QHD resolution, UHD signal compatibility, and outstanding precision in its HDR modes. Although the contrast is a bit poor to really appreciate the system, over other SDR-only displays, it does offer a picture quality improvement. We’d love to have a VA panel added, and gaming capabilities like adaptive-sync and easy refresh. 

As of now, though, if you’re shopping for HDR, it’s about the only game in town. Early adopters may want to try it out. HDR10 is present on every other currently available Ultra HD Blu-ray disc and is likely to be the dominant format for the near future.

If Dell decided to add Dolby Vision to the S2718D, then a firmware update would be feasible. You will need a compatible player or device with an HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 performance to see HDR content. This GUI is used in the new Ultra HD Blu-ray players. With the right video card, you can also attach it. Luckily there are a lot of options.

The GTX 950 up to the Titan X (Maxwell), or the GTX 1050 up to the Titan X (Pascal), is on the Nvidia side. Users of AMD will use the R9 390X or RX 460, 470, or 480. As well as the S2718D can support a 3840×2160 signal over its HDMI input to Blu-ray users at up to 60Hz.

5. BenQ ew3270zl

The BenQ EW3270ZL Eye-Care Display is one of the largest monitors that you can dive into your desk at 32 inches, although it is not the most expensive.

When it comes to monitoring, BenQ has an excellent pedigree, so it’s incredibly tempting to get this monitor size for that price and from a reputable brand like that. Most monitors on desks these days are around the 24-inch mark, some stretching to 27 inches. It means you’ll have to make sure you’ve plenty of space on your desk to get a 32-inch monitor in.

But, due to the basic design of the BenQ EW3270ZL, it’s not as much of a room hog as you’d be afraid of. In addition to high resolution (2560×1440), the widescreen size gives you plenty of performance desktop real estate, and while it isn’t a gaming-focused display, it can still make games look amazing on the big screen. Access to the on-screen menu

under the bezel are buttons that allow you to adjust the display options and other functions. This can also be a horrible time on screens that hide those buttons on the underside of their bezels, as you try to direct the menus. However, the BenQ EW3270ZL helpfully demonstrates the features of on-screen buttons when you touch them, allowing them to be used much more quickly.

6. Sceptre E225W

It should be noted that E225W is a budget display that is very important. It’s priced on par with most of its competitors. In this display stand often in the design and aesthetic priorities savings and reliability, which is a pity, considering the work is to look at the display.

The E225W in its class, one of the beautiful display period. With the thin border, solid black paint, and the metal bracket, designed to monitor the price of the shame its closest competitor. It even eclipses the more expensive monitors as more expensive LG 24M47VQ, 24-inch display with a pedestrian design. 

Throughout the close competitor, the E225W has a slim Acer G226HQL than the border, but not as an interesting visual AOC 27B1H, an affordable 27-inch display with a frameless screen on three sides.

The 24-inch panel with a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 and 16: 9 aspect ratio, which means that it can be displayed without problems the whole HD (1080). In addition to an FHD resolution, the display has a gray-to-gray 5 microseconds (G to G) response time, the peak brightness 250 cd / m2; and a refresh rate of 75Hz. These features are fairly standard in the budget category.

In the back, there are five small function buttons. Includes a power switch, it looks like a white dot, is located near the right border, viewed from the front. Connection via a VGA port, two HDMI ports, a headphone jack, and an AC power jack. In the case of the display, you need to hook it to a stand or wall VESA support. In addition, the height of the holder is not allowed, rotation, or rotation adjustment.

The on-screen menu offers a good selection of picture settings, although it does not give you an advanced six-color adjustment. For the adjustment, the standard-setting provides the best overall picture, because the rest of the options are either too dark or too bright.

7. HP Pavilion 22cwa

HP 22CWA, along with the standard 16: 9 aspect ratio, has an IPS screen and a full HD resolution (1920 x1080). This up to 102 PPI, which is a great price point for pixel density.

It operates with a dynamic contrast ratio of 8,000,000: 1, the screen luminosity of 250 nits clock. Some hard-core gamers might be disappointed to hear that the monitor has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time limit of 7 milliseconds to some degree, although these figures are definitely sufficient to give the unit price point.

Looking out for paper size and amount of game monitor is one thing, but seeing the device in action is another thing entirely. When looking at what kind of display you are working with, measurements of aspect ratio, brightness, refresh rate, and response time are helpful, but different suppliers mean different things.

What really shines is HP’s 22CWA: when you start using it yourself, all these numbers fall away, leaving you with an utterly beautiful screen. At this price, you can consider a TN panel to be the best display, and the difference from the accuracy of the color is worse affected by the viewing angle. This is not the case with HP-it ‘s locked and filled with awesome graphics and awesome viewing angles, from all standard IPS screens, you can hope to be there.