The 6 Best Curved Gaming Monitors for 2020

Welcome to hip digital media’s guide to the best curved monitors. Getting a curved monitor for gaming setup can bring many benefits as compared to flat screen monitors. The curved shape let you see more screen area without moving your head around and there is less eye strain and distortion.

These monitors are not new but they picked up the market recently by gamers when they realized its benefits. There are couple of brands that are offering great models of curved monitors specfically designed for gaming. 

The best curved gaming monitors you should buy now

1. AOC Argonne AG493UCX

The best curved gaming monitor we tested is the AOC Argonne AG493UCX. Display beast, measured at 47 AG493UCX 18.4 by 12.1 inches, and its weight of 31.7 lbs. Which is 49 inches (measured diagonally) VA screen, matte black cabinet set at, 5120 having a native resolution of 1440 pixels wide in the 32: 9 aspect ratio. This is 27 inches in two QHD (2560 by 1440 pixels) monitors placed side by side equivalents.

The screen size of 49 inches and several commercials match the display resolution, display arcuate Dell UltraSharp 49, and the Philips Brilliance 499P9H LG 49WL95C-W. Its screen size is the same as the Samsung CHG90, only the other 49-inch gaming monitor we have reviewed, but Samsung’s original low resolution (1,080 of 3,840 pixels).

The Argonne AG493UCX is multitasking is a good choice because you can pass on its side screen.AOC several large windows open side provides two ways to access and control the AG493UCX screen display (OSD): small button the one, better described as near the bottom of the right end of a display on nubbins (display them at the bottom of the baffle function icons) and a remote control comprises a handheld device.we have found that the brightness and volume remote rocker button to change the input source and bring up the menu, and much more preferably a four-way button and the central controller. We will only use the display buttons if the remote control is lost or out of reach.AOC Argonne AG493UCX the 49-inch ultra-widescreen display offers a pleasant gaming experience and does a decent job, handling multimedia content, and.

2. AOC CU34G2X

An AOC CU34G2X bright display is not put in there, but its high contrast ratio and super-native accurate color provide an excellent image. With the 144 Hz and FreeSync and G- synchronization (unofficial) and HDR, game performance we’ve seen at the current price is the best. It’s definitely worth serious consideration seekers.

The CU34G2X wide anti-glare layer and frameless thin bezel that appears when the power is turned off is flush-mounted. The image shows an 8mm boundary having a wider bottom molding strip. The front layer has almost no air gap, thereby eliminating any pictures from grains and makes it very sharp. Is excellent in uniformity, no bleeding, luminescent or hot spots visible in our sample.

Local control buttons under the right expectations, but the AOC chose to let them be very small, depressed. Although they click firmly difficult for them to operate by feeling the positive side, they will not clear out, but we really want them to be bigger – or better yet, replaced by a joystick. Side unfortunately no USB port, but you will find an input panel on the upstream and downstream V3.2 four connection. You can also get every two DisplayPort 1.4 and HDMI 2.0 in. FreeSync and HDR input work through any video but run G- synchronization (unofficial) requirements DisplayPort as usual. All initial resolution in support of CU34G2X of 144 Hz.

3. Viotek GN34C

The 100Hz UWQHD 21: 9-21 picture quality essence:-Full HD resolution monitor 9 to the cinema 2.5 times widescreen monitor with a 3440x1440p size. Plant Productivity-PIP / PBP dual input feature to view two source connexions on a single screen. Rich in design is characterized as a good monitor for both business and gaming shows. Around you-by changing the GN34C tilt to fit your visual preferences and finding the ideal vision. Use a VESA bracket 75×75 m which is simple to mount in a wall or compatible location. Using a 3.5 mm audio jack, plug in existing external speakers.Play Ready Features-casual gamers, as well as professional players. By smoother running of AMD FreeSync TM; the precise shooting of reticules with GamePlus; optimized settings from FPS / RTS in color.

Use Xbox One / PS4 connectivity-using a gaming machine monitor by connecting to HDMI 2.0, Standard Gold. Help-We doesn’t play poor points. Whatever you like. The latest LED display is covered by our 1-year limited warranty and bad points with a zero-tolerance policy. Our security team is located in the United States via live chat, e-mail, and social media only, 7 days a week.

The Viotek GN34C comes standard show packaging from Viotek, which isn’t all evil. It just let us know what our model is, in front of the window. Flip around, we gave some of the specifics and a photo thereof. The next thing to do is use the provided base portion to screw the frame and attach it again to the steam component. And place connected properly to go ahead and plug it back in after the show.

4. MSI Optix MPG341CQR

The big high refresh rate of the monitor game, MSI’s Optix MPG341CQR company implemented a set of features, the game’s display room, players don’t even know what they want, some important low input lag figures are reported.

Its color effects may not be suitable for artistic professionals, as well as a little to be desired for HDR consistency. But to those picky (this panel does not affect the audience’s core), the Optix business is one of today’s best game board values of 34 inches wide, it wins our Editors’ Choice prize. VA-Optix MPG341CQR based company is a 144Hz 34-inch gaming display with 3440 by 1440 pixels of the original resolution. MSI period from within the office visit, the first time we put it in the eye. The company shall be given the unique features offered by the rapid fall in the hands after visiting the laboratory of PC units.

What instantly caught my attention on the design side of things: mouse bungee mount a display, video camera stands on top of and below the light bar at the bottom of the rainbow. Knowledge is represented by the colors that can be shown outside, for example, your local weather or temperature, or simply run as a standard RGB breathing round. In addition to these additional features, multi-core architecture is the same thing, we have seen the other 34 inches, in this class 21:9 wide panel. 29.8 lbs of this show are approximately the same weight and size class as its rivals in 31.9 inches high, 12.8 inches deep, 22.2 inches wide.MSI has proclaimed its design “borderless” and edges (or lack thereof) and offers a more interactive experience than the other one. In fact, the edges are not entirely invisible;westill found black border strips 0.25 inches thick.

5. ViewSonic VP3481

ViewSonic VP3481 target audience includes game developers; as stated earlier, these are two game-friendly features of 100Hz refresh rate technology and support adaptive FreeSync synchronization from AMD. Usually, the non-game displays have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. Adaptive synchronization, when changing the monitor’s refresh rate to fit the graphics card, removing flickering, frame rate, tremor, and other artifacts.

A Note: You have to allow FreeSync from the display screen monitor (OSD) to access a 100Hz refresh settings, using your device or NVIDIA GeForce GPU AMD Radeon.weran many games in the game with some benchmarks, including Final Fantasy XV and the canned sequence looks smooth and flawless.

A versatile and ultra-large technical show-As you would expect, VP3481 is simply a snapshot version of the 38-inch ViewSonic VP3881 ViewSonic has shorter screen sizes and lower native resolution, but it does add something to its larger unfindable relative.VP3481 does have very similar Asus ProArt PA34VC specs. They have the same resolution and display aspect ratio for a 34-inch ultra-wide-angle; endorse both height, tilt, and rotation adjustment; and use similar additional stereo amplifiers and ports. Everyone has adaptive synchronization and refresh rates that appeal to casual gamers and game designers alike.30 “

6. Sceptre C305B-200UN

For us, 5ms answer time is a little bit on the higher hand. In high refresh rate monitoring, ghosting is susceptible to a bit (this isn’t uncommon among budget VA panels). This doesn’t prove to be a deal-breaker for us as a show with lots of nice games.

Pixel display to increase the contrast, making this monitor games like CS extremely useful: GO, in which a player must quickly locate the enemy hidden in a dark area. Moreover, a broader variety of high refresh rate display viewpoints and areas to make this the best option for the first-person shooter. Although a mid-range graphics card can be difficult to drive this beast, show free sync technical proficiency process to remove variance in the stuttering frame rate and tear smoother gaming experiences.

The output obviously has a downside, task 200 produces a large number of frames per second at a given resolution of 2560 X 1080. Only the graphics card with the most power will take advantage of the display’s capacity. So, to get the most out of C305B-200UN, you need powerful GPU and Processor settings.

Plan and deliver quality And 1800R curved panel with a 30-inch screen, C305B-200UN Display mounted in a projection room jig. It is specially built to shape gamers targeted, enabling those who spend long rooted in the screen to improve their customizability.

In design, C305B-200UN exudes a distinct “games” Look It is a triangular black-colored metal and aesthetic skeleton illuminated by a red double band LED line. Monitor has a decent built-in speaker which removes any urgent needs for an external audio environment. Although the displays, which give the player an even more immersive feel. The big screen is substantially marred by black bars on the edge, border thickness is substantially lower than traditional. The broad monitor provides a more immersive gaming experience than the traditional 16:9 show.

While not as an immersive virtual reality mask, the ultra-wide view enables you to see more of your environment and not need to move constantly, which is also well suited for first-person shooters. So far the analysis we have over 10 ultra-wide displays, the following is our best purchase advice for game wide displays. The support can be a basic wall mounting unit C305B-200UN and a mounting dimension of 75 x 75 VESA. Apart from that, the show weight is an impressive low of 12 lbs. Of course, this is to be expected, but given the large screen monitor, the low weight makes installation simple and no risk of injury.

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