The 11 Best Gaming Mouse for 2020

If you are wondering why you should use a gaming mouse when you can just use a simple mouse for the purpose then we answer that for the same reason you should use a butter knife when cutting butter: it fits best for the task. Having the best gaming mouse can give you the edge you have to squeeze out a triumph in relentless games like Valorant or Apex Legends. Simply the best gaming mouse can get you that gaming advantage you’ve been searching for. That is because an extraordinary gaming mouse, wireless or wired, is built explicitly to win, shaking the precision, speed, and highlights you require for that serious edge and better gaming experience.
Whether or not you’re an easygoing gamer or attempting to go head to head in the most recent esports, having a standout amongst other gaming PCs isn’t anything without a dependable arrangement of peripherals. With the best gaming mouse, you would be able to take advantage of that fresh out of the box new, beefed-up PC. Even better, it’ll spare your wrist and arms from pointless interminable pain. Some gaming mice are little and smooth, organizing speed over every single other thought. Others are huge and brimming with additional extravagant accessories, letting you redo the ideal fit and weight for your hand. Makers likewise produce an assortment of remote gaming mice, if your work area is getting somewhat tangled. While there is no “best gaming mouse” for everyone, this guide should assist you with finding the best gaming mouse for your specific arrangement.
There are many gaming mice that can deliver this solid tracking alongside a whole host of extra features, but these are the ones we think offer the very best experience.

These are the top Gaming Mouse you should buy now

1. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Se Mouse

If you are looking for a high-end mouse specifically built for gamers, then this should be your last stop. Once you use this mouse it would be impossible for you to not appreciate the advance and incredible technology this bad boy has to offer. The very fact that you can customize every facet of this little technology is mind-blowing and pleasing for a gamer who is specific with their game-play style. You can connect this product to your device via Bluetooth, USB wire, or Slipstream Wireless Technology and play with pinpoint accuracy and precision. With elegant and classy design corsair has offered this gaming mouse at an extremely reasonable price and solely because of this fact this mouse gets a competitive edge over its peers at the market.
The Dark Core RGB Pro Se is exactly what a true PC gamer has been looking for because of its ultra-fast 1ms 2.4 GHz wireless connection which enables the user to enjoy a clutter-free gaming experience. It uses wireless charging and an 18000 DPI optical sensor for true and competitive wireless gaming. Its hyper polling technology is twice as fast as that of other gaming mice available in the market. Tested over 50 million clicks and available with a responsive scroll wheel, pinky grip feature, individually addressable RGB LEDs, and extended battery life this mouse is a perfect choice for e-gamers all over the world. The item weight is almost around 9.6 ounces which do not add inconvenience on the part of the user because of the extremely smooth gliding of this 5 x 3.5 x 1.69 inches’ mouse.


The ASUS ROG Spatha Laser Gaming Mouse is ergonomically designed to provide ultimate and ideal comfort to gamers during gaming marathons and is thus preferred by pro-gamers all over the world. This extra-durable mouse is coated with non-stick special grey coating for sweat-free usage and secure grip over extended hours It seems a bit of a pricey mouse when you come across it at first but after experiencing its friendly design and amazing unmatched features you will understand that it’s worth it. ROG Spatha has an angular design that stands out among its peers. It is ideal for palm or claw grip and also customizable for people who have their gaming style. Click feel on all the buttons is very good and it glides quite nicely too, on a quality pad. Moreover, its shape and size are perfect for people with big hands so don’t wait if you have larger hands and are looking for a big and a bit heavier mouse for your gaming needs.
ROG Spatha is engineered for performance and durability and is ready for you to take into battle with its 8200 DPI Laser Sensor, 150 IPS tracking speed, and 2-level DPI switch. Enjoy high-speed wireless connection with low latency and accurate tracking with this mouse which supports 3 zones RGB lighting, 12 programmable buttons, built-in flash memory for storing 5 audio profiles, replacement switches & more. This product also includes a raided cable for home and office use, a rubber USB cable for on-the-go flexibility, & a magnetic charging dock for quick wireless charging.


The exclusive ergonomic design of Benq Zowie EC2 Mouse is a result of extensive research and collaboration with top gamers worldwide. Every feature in this incredible product feature was chosen to increase comfort and reliability for ideal competitive performance. Built specifically for the right-handed users, this simple yet elegant mouse is a perfect fit for your work from home or gaming experience. The shape of the right side of the mouse is well rounded to provide you with an easier and convenient grip along with a bigger room for wrist movement. You will love the fact that how hassle-free this mouse is; there is no software you need to worry about, just plug it in and boom your set. This mouse is just good for everything, from casual web browsing, doing homework, to gaming, it just checks all boxes.
1-year limited warranty and extra mouse feet are included to keep your mouse running strong for a long time. Adjustable USB report rate of 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz and 4 level DPI adjustments of 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 provide you with reliable and customizable gaming performance without any additional software. Other notable features include 3360 optical sensors, 6.6 ft. extended cable length, and two exclusive controls on the bottom of the mouse that allow you to cycle DPI and Report Rate. To conclude, this mouse is highly recommended for those who are looking for a do-it-all mouse without compromising the durability, battery life, and excellent performance and precision.

4. Corsair Sabre RGB Mouse

The Corsair Sabre RGB Mouse has incredible ergonomics and more buttons than a standard gaming mouse available in the market. It has a smooth, pleasant texture that feels great in your hand, and its look and feel attract the customers who go for an elegant and classy look while purchasing their gaming products. It fits your smallish hands very comfortably and the ridge on the far side makes it extremely easy to pick up and re-position without disturbing your finger position in any way. The mouse wheel is perfect, with good solid ‘notches’, it scrolls with a solid and precise feel. It’s very easy to accurately move the mouse wheel a single notch in either direction – which is a crucial function in some games. Every single button is easily within reach from a single hand position so that you never have to reach for the extra buttons acceptable.
Gaming lovers will be extremely pleased with this mouse because of its four-zone RGB lighting with 16.8 million customizable colors and a light-weight of 100 g. It is available in 3 styles i-e with 10000/16000/18000 DPI optical sensor and multi-color DPI indicator. Along with 8 customizable buttons for people who want to experience personalized play during gaming this mouse also comes with selectable report rates of 1000 Hz/ 500 Hz/250 Hz/125 Hz. Also comes with this mouse a braided cable and of exceptional quality and the buyer is given a 1-year warranty of the product so you can make sure that you are choosing the right product.


Maybe it looks odd to review Logitech G502 in 2020. However, the reasoning is sound: this mouse is adequate so much that Logitech has gained notoriety for a significant long time. Presently, the refreshed Logitech G502 being a distant model with the Logitech G502 Lightspeed has given us an extra inspiration to return towards this gadget. The praiseworthy mouse arrangement is as yet a legend in the market. Also, the expansion of another sensor has made it the best gaming mouse accessible among its opponents. While some will treasure the design of the gadget, its sharp, exact look makes it an odd fit outside of gaming circumstances. It has a more prominent number of gets than the ordinary mouse, so not all hold types will be pleasing. However, for those that like the arrangement, there isn’t anything not to like.
The Logitech G502 Hero bolsters a to some degree powerful gamer-driven arrangement. It has an extraordinary glance at it since it joins matte and reflexive dull latex and plastic. You will moreover find two RGB zones here: one for the CPI marker, and the other for the logo. This gaming mouse’s production quality is wonderful. It is made using thick plastic alongside latex holds. Its surface is fragile that productively gets your hand to don’t feel free and is additionally extraordinary to the touch. For its weight, the G502 Hero can be adjusted by either wiping out or including the heaps. You can similarly change its weight by including or taking out the distinct weight spread. The Hero 16K Sensor is the most exact gaming sensor to date. It incorporates forefront precision got together with ground-up structure and plan. With quick and strong framerate planning, the sensor can manage 400+ IPS across 100-16,000 DPI go. This is possible with zero separatings, smoothing, or speeding up.

6. Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Razer Basilisk Ultimate is a gaming mouse that is planned in the main individual shooter (FPS) style and is known for having a catch where the tip of your thumb rests. It’s one of the most agreeable fits in PC gaming. Razer is a less expensive model with the Basilisk Essential. It is remarkable for bringing the structure factor to a bigger crowd. Presently, for the force gamer set, Razer has made a $169.99-MSRP remote form, the Basilisk Ultimate, that refreshes the Basilisk plan all around, cuts its rope, and includes remote charging through a discretionary dock. As such, a standout amongst other gaming mice just showed signs of improvement.
The Basilisk Ultimate’s center looks and feels remain generally unaltered from the first. It’s an 11-button, right-buttoned model, however, it has just nine adaptable buttons. On top, you have the typical two principle clickers, a wheel that snaps, and two-goal trading catches. As an afterthought, you have two full scale/easy route catches and a separable FPS-disapproved “marksman” paddle that, as a matter of course, drops your following goal too low affectability for exact clicking.
The RGB lighting of the Basilisk Ultimate is contributing generally to the looks and cost of the mouse. It has an astounding 14 lighting zones split between the Razer logo on the palm, the wheel, and a LED strip running along the left half of the mouse. The LEDs are splendid and have some slick impacts, however nuanced control requires a different Chroma Studio module, which is more required than we’d prefer to see. Setting up macros likewise requires a different module.

7. Corsair Ironclaw RGB

This gaming mouse is a big hand’s closest companion. Corsair has recently presented the new Ironclaw RGB gaming mouse. The name is an odd one for the palm-hold mouse, yet its enormous size may simply change over some big hand grasp gamers over to a palm grasp, and its superior specs and better than average value make it significantly more engaging. While the Corsair Ironclaw RGB is a decent offer, in any event, including static DPI markers and a plaited link where Steelseries needs them, its plan keeps it down only a bit. All things considered, for anybody with enormous gives, it’s a simple champ.
The Ironclaw RGB utilizes an inquisitive blend of materials. The palm and essential mouse catches are a matte dark, delicate touch plastic that feels pleasant, yet can get somewhat oily (not as awful as we’ve seen from other delicate touch materials, however.) Then there are hard dark plastics on either side of the delicate touch segment, and those are additionally flanked by the side holds that emit an intelligent shine.
The Ironclaw RGB is focusing on genuine gamers with some genuine specs. It offers an affectability go from 100 to 18,000 DPI and is movable in one-venture increases. Who needs that high of affectability or that granular movability? We don’t have the foggiest idea, however, it’s not harming the mouse at all and the cost isn’t exploded as a result of it. With a 1,000Hz surveying rate, the Ironclaw RGB is responsive. Running match-ups on a 144Hz screen, we don’t see any info slack or other following deficiencies.

8. Razer Naga Trinity

Get ready to change your desires for what a gaming device can offer with this reformist gaming gadget. Seeing Razer Naga Trinity It is ensured to express that Razer is out to change the universe of gaming and improve your gaming encounters, improving them multiple times. The Razer Naga Trinity has a very gaming-centered look. You have RGB zones on the logo, wheel, and side gets. It is a detached gaming mouse that licenses you to use three interesting miens and vast decisions for virtual customization. It’s not obvious if you pick the side embellishments with only two gets. Even though it’s made of plastic, it feels solid and the two side catch FPS board is the lightest one on the off chance that you have to decrease the Razer Naga Trinity’s weight.

16000 DPI optical sensor makes is one of the amazing devices to identify slight loads and work in like way. It has up to 19 programmable gets, insane! Isn’t that so? With 3 successfully divisible and viable side plates of 2, 7, and 12 catch plan it is understating the obvious to call it essentially versatile. This part causes it changes with an extraordinary extent of customer tendencies and circumstances, exhibiting it to be a flexible pointing device. You may feel that with unlimited gets there might be a lot of misclicks from the side affixes yet pressure, not Razer has found the ideal incitation pressure centers for each catch that each snap is purposeful and convincing. Right-gave structure with versatile side handles makes it less complex to use for broad stretches without

9. Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer is the #1 Best-Selling Peripherals Manufacturer in the US and there is a reason for that. The products they make are comfortable to use, long-lasting, and top-notch quality. The Razer DeathAdder Elite comprises of all these qualities and more. Not only does this mouse give you the advantage of having the fastest sensor in this world, but with 99.4% resolution, you will be able to land killing blows with pinpoint precision. Being super comfortable to hold, this mouse will provide you with the confidence required to win and stain-free wrists even after gaming for a long time. Besides feeling good, this mouse also a sleek design with a matte finish, so it does not get slippery and the texture feels nice.
Coming to the specifications, the Razer DeathAdder Elite which weighs about 4.64 ounces (131 grams) has a high-precision 16000 DPI Optical Sensor which enables you to confidently adjust the sensitivity through the dedicated reprogrammable DPI button for gaming and other creative work. With 7 programmable buttons, you can remap and assign complex macro functions through Razer Synapse. The strong and rubberized scroll wheel gives a nice grip so you can scroll with more accuracy, while the small bumps on the surface increase the grip giving you more control while scrolling. The customizable RGB lighting is another positive to this mouse which includes 16.8 million colors with preset profiles and syncs with gameplay and Razer Chroma-enabled peripherals and Philips Hue products. While including all these features, the razer didn’t compromise on the durability or quality, the double mechanical switches support up to 50 million clicks and the mouse comes with a hassle-free warranty of two years.

10. Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

The Razer Viper is the go-to mouse if you’re looking for a wireless, lightweight, and seamless gaming experience. The Movement of this mouse, in general, is as smooth as butter, meanwhile, all tracking and clicks are pinpoint accurate. The mouse is lightweight and super precise so that you can experience the joy of gaming with extreme accuracy. The RGB lighting is very bright and will add a great touch to your gaming station. The charging dock is of great quality, and should you forget it while traveling, you can plug the mouse directly into a charger via the perfectly located micro USB port on the bottom side. You can even charge the mouse while it is being used via this method. The wireless connection has virtually non-existent latency. The side grip, matte coating, and stern scroll wheels are also some nice features of this mouse. The quality of this product is far superior to any similar products on the market.
The Razer Wiper Ultimate Wireless Mouse is 25 percent quicker than other mice, making your work faster and easier. The 2.61 ounce (74 gram) weight makes this mouse feel like an extension of your hand, providing you with a comfortable gaming experience and the 20k DPI optical sensor will give the finest experience to professional or casual gamers. This mouse was created for both left and right-handers in mind, with programmable buttons (8 in total) on both sides. This mouse is also faster than traditional mechanical switches since it switches uses light beam-based actuation, registering button presses at the speed of light. All in all, this is a great product if you are looking for a lightweight, efficient, and top-quality computer mouse.

11. SteelSeries Rival 710

Every aspect and every tiny designing detail of the Rival 710 Gaming Mouse meets the top gamers’ demands for comfort and convenience during extended gaming sessions. Whether you deploy a claw grip or palm grip, the shape will provide perfect comfort for long and intense on-screen battles and you will for sure feel an edge on other players because of this little companion of yours. This mouse is no longer merely an input device for your home or works PC; you can now feel in‐game events, aiding in critical decision‐making, and much more with this.

This product is replete with a customizable OLED screen for visual notifications, TrueMove3 Optical Sensor for 1 to 1 tracking without delays and response errors, customized vibration patterns, and swappable modular parts for performance and customization. This 4.8 ounces heavy and 4.9 inches high mouse is ergonomic and made for the convenience and comfort of right-handed people. Tested over 60 million clicks and made by keeping in mind the demands of pro-gamers and e-sports enthusiasts, this mouse arrives at your door you with two cables, first one is short and non-braided with a length of 3.3 ft. while the other one is long and braided with an approximate length of 6.5 ft. It has an exclusive feature of RGB lighting to provide you with the choice of 16.8 million different varieties of colors. Apart from acceleration and deceleration customization user also experiences multiple CPI options, Onboard profile settings, programmable buttons, and SteelSeries engine support. All in all, this is a great product that you won’t regret buying.