The 4 Best Razer Headsets for 2020

Razer headsets are known as the absolute best regardless of how you want to utilize them. They can make up a necessary aspect of your gaming set-up: Razer’s sound quality does not disappoint at any stage. Your gaming headset ought to be durable as well as comfortable, and must have all the highlights you need, and be sleek for sure.

Also, above all, they need to be fantastic when it comes to sound quality. While you will practically constantly need to bargain in a portion of these regions to guarantee you capitalize on your spending plan, it is as yet conceivable to tick all the boxes with outstanding Razer headsets for gaming.

Razer’s headsets often make Best Of records and have won some of Editor’s Choice honors. As a rule, Razer knows a great deal with regards to gaming, and it’s one of the more top-notch brands, so in case you are searching for extraordinary tech, these are the headsets you should consider. Whatever Razer headset you pick, when you combine it with your gaming setup.

The best Razer headsets you should buy now

1. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is phenomenal for those looking for an incredible remote headset. The quality of sound of the Razer Triforce drivers is best, yet you will have to change the settings for the cans to truly make their mark. Fortunately, you can do that effectively in light of the fact that the Razer Synapse software offers an incredible arrangement of instruments.
BlackShark V2 Pro’s microphone was upgraded, however, that redesign is to a great extent through recording design, rather than quality. As noted previously, to truly take advantage of this headset and its mic, you have to open up the Synapse software and play with the settings. I began with the Broadcast preset, yet after spending some time with different settings and Audacity provided me with an audio profile to satisfy my ears.
BlackShark V2 Pro passed wonderfully, as far as its wireless performance is concerned. This is Razer’s first headset to utilize its HyperSpeed 2.4 GHz wireless dongle innovation. I in a real sense strolled around my whole condo, and the sound came in smooth and clear. There was no static, popping, or commotion destroying my moderate stroll around my isolated jail.

2. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headset joins sleek design, a heavenly sound, and a comfortable fit, alongside certain fancy odds and ends that are not at all regular in this value go. Furthermore, despite the fact that the headset is somewhat clumsy, you can totally make it your regular pair of music earphones, because of a generally viable plan and a genuinely repressed appearance.
Razer has not changed the presence of its Kraken headset line a lot in the course of recent years. There are two hilariously oversized ear cups, everyone with a Razer logo in the middle. A cushioned, plastic headband associates the two. You can get the headset in either green or dark; in any case, it glances somewhat strange while you are making the rounds, yet not offensively so (if you get the dark model, in any case). There is a retractable mic in the left ear cup and a volume-control dial/mic-quiet button mostly down the 3.5mm sound link.
The Kraken TE is the main Razer headset in some time to face some significant challenges, and practically every one of them pays off. Not exclusively does the headset sound extraordinary, however, it likewise includes an innovative plan with some entirely reasonable additional items. At a good price, it’s a significantly more flexible headset than you may expect at the cost.

3. Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken X sounds extraordinary in a game, with a fitting spotlight on high pitches and voice work. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear for quite a long time at a time and sufficiently lightweight to cause you to overlook how larger than average Razer’s different headsets will in general be. On the off chance that you need a modest gaming headset that sounds great and works with all that you own, this is a simple suggestion, despite the fact that it is not exactly yet a conclusive one.
Because of its size, weight, and ear cups, the Kraken X is one of the most comfortable headsets Razer has ever constructed. The cushioned leatherette headbands and ear cups push down delicately, regardless of whether you’re wearing glasses, and it is anything but difficult to get a tight seal around the ears.
The Kraken X is viable with gaming PCs, the PS4, the Xbox One, Switch, and cell phones (those with an earphone jack, in any case), and games on each stage sound fantastic. I invested a large portion of my energy with the Kraken X giving it a shot with different PC games, including Overwatch, StarCraft: Remastered, World of Warcraft, and Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.
Kraken X headset is dominated by voice work, for example, the character jokes in Baldur’s Gate, just as music, similar to StarCraft’s driving foundation beats. Simply be cautioned that this headset is somewhat light on bass. Directional sound in Overwatch was utilitarian, yet the gunplay once in a while came up short on a specific oomph.

4. Razer Kraken Kitty

Underneath the headband, the Kraken Kitty Edition looks simply like some other Razer Kraken headset. Accessible in dark or pink, it includes enormous, round ear cups decorated with a sparkling Razer logo on the back, and a huge, delicate, false cowhide wrapped earpads that effectively spread even huge ears. A 4.3-foot, texture wrapped USB link is designed to the base edge of the left earcup, while a volume button to empower THX Spatial Audio sits on the back edge of the equivalent earcup. The blast amplifier is likewise mounted on the left earcup and is a tube-shaped plastic case mounted on an adaptable arm that withdraws legitimately into the cup. The case can be clicked like a button to quiet it and lights up red to show it’s quieted.

The Razer Kraken Kitty Edition is actually a Kraken headset with kitty ears. In particular, it’s a Kraken Ultimate headset that includes feline ears at a good premium price. The ears light up and the headset has an extra component that allows you to turn those lights with a versatile battery on the off chance that you need to wear it as a major aspect of an ensemble, yet in any case, it’s indistinguishable from the Kraken Ultimate in highlights and execution.