The 5 Best HyperX Headsets for 2020

For all kinds of consumers, with all kinds of features, HyperX allows a number of great headsets. HyperX is widely accepted at reasonable rates for comfort and efficiency, so much so that other rivals, including Turtle Beach, have been forced to follow some of the design norms of HyperX to get into the same price bracket. Some of the best Xbox One headsets and best PC gaming headsets are made available by the company. Which one should you purchase, though? The 5 best HyperX headsets have been broken down, and what special features they bring to the table, but the best is still the HyperX CloudX, which gives you fantastic sound in a robust, comfortable frame.

The best HyperX headsets you should buy now

1. HyperX Cloud Stinger Core

Stinger cloud core is made of matte plastic looking for a simple gaming headset. It has an all-black design and great features, well-padded, adjustable ear pads rest of its steel frame, feeling surprisingly strong. Big ears Cup is large enough to fit any size ear – yes, I did not use its long-term problems facing any consolation. Unfortunately, the headset can lay flat, do not fold into a compact format. This makes them the trouble to carry when you do not have a backpack, yes, in the case they do not come, or bag.

Mike is a perfect game chat or otherwise. In my tests, my voice came through clearly, according to a friend of mine. Microphone is easy to prove, because it effectively reduces the amount of distortion of the sound.
I use a variety of settings in the headset. I use headphones with the PlayStation 4 games and movies. I also use headphones with my iPhone 5c and Nintendo switch. In all cases, the sound quality is acceptable, if not great. Do not get me wrong, they sound good, it should be the perfect game.

2. HyperX Cloud Alpha S

This gaming headset is made of the same stuff, its predecessor, with metal headband and hinges, thick plastic headphones. Our favorite ear pads have the same soft foam and leather. Velvet ear cushions would have been a better choice with players’ glasses, but you should still be able to get a very solid seal with additional fabric included – at least they are softer than leather. Overall, this is an equally sturdy, comfortable headphone as the original cloud Alpha. However, there are new things too.

This cloud-alpha than the original one PC as the center of more headphones. Although cloud HyperX Alpha S is also a 3.5mm headphone game, comprising a control unit and an audio USB adapter. There is a button to open the audio that comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound and manage games and chat.
The most important thing is, in the cloud HyperX Alpha S also has along the goal is to adjust the bass, similar to those found in two ventilation holes in the bottom of the headset Beyerdynamic custom game. You can open each whole or half, and change independently of each headphone.

Using headphones is very simple, despite the added bells and whistles. Whether you’re using a cloud computing HyperX Alpha S uses a USB adapter or simply as a 3.5mm headset plug and plays this thing in a very strict sense. If you are interested in using a virtual 7.1 surround sound, you need to install the application Ngenuity type HyperX, but once you open it, you will not need to use the application again.
Like the original cloud Alpha, Alpha S HyperX cloud has a removable microphone 3.5 mm, and performs substantially the same. It’s easy to locate and use, it works fine discord and other voice chat services.

3. HyperX Cloud Revolver S

Aesthetic HyperX Cloud revolver S is cute and not too “gamery.” There are several points, suggesting the nature of the game, but they are subtle. The deletion of the microphone, only the “HX” flag indicates that they are really shouting at two HyperX earmuff “game.”
The Black and white color scheme is not significant and is the most prominent black and white display with only a minor accent in the ear and screwed into the headband. A red LED, while, only the appearance of the USB control box and they are not glaring.

Cloud revolver in S HyperX body to even more impressive. The headset is smooth around the real pleasing to the touch and eye, steel frame construction. It allows flexible and powerful feeling. Now, the metal frame has a reputation for allowing some of the noise or tapping of the brush, but the pair of rubber buffers to help reduce the reverberation. Frosted plastic cap attached to the steel frame and the pivot a few degrees in each direction and headgear slidably adjusted automatically to fit the user’s head.

Headband and ear cushions covered in leather-like “leatherette” pad full of dense memory foam provide comfort for hours on end, and that the use of “cloud” in the name of the headset. We have a lot of lighter wear headphones and headsets are limitless and feel more uncomfortable. Ear cushions wide circulation, fit comfortably big ears will start to clamp pressure to the point of excluding the negligible.

The microphone is one of several weaknesses in the design. It is through the bottom of the left headphone jack that is inserted into the HyperX 3.5mm cloud revolver S. This is a thick, curved, he did not reveal the mesh durable feel worried ripping.
The problem is that it likes to bounce from place to location if it’s a little bent very far. It’s not like an acrobat, bending, and accommodation, what position you put into it. It is also a shame the microphone itself can not be docked to the headphones when not in use, but the increase in volume may not be worth it.

4. HyperX Cloud Flight S

If it is a defining characteristic of HyperX cloud flight S, which will be its versatility. This is the PC and Playstation 4 and is a pretty good wireless gaming headset. You do not need any software to get to work on the core functionality of both platforms headset, its functionality and comfort make it a good choice for almost all types of balanced video games.
Flying Cloud S is established on a main plastic frame with a metal strip running along a single strip of the interior of the headgear. However, unlike much plastic gaming headset, it does not feel cheap. Adjusting the headset does not cause any annoying creaking sound, it does not take a lot of work to fit comfortably over your head. The headband itself has a comfortable memory foam pad to provide an appropriate amount of clamping force without justice is too tight to feel safe.

Headphone ear pads are made of artificial leather-covered memory foam, which makes reaching a decent seal easy. The hinge allows the headset to tilt and rotate a decent amount, so fit different head sizes should not be much of a problem, although it has velvet glasses to accommodate more people.

A starter headset full of work is a very simple plug. Most of the gaming headset to provide surround sound requires additional software, but that’s all done here, so it is almost a matter of plug-and-play hardware. However, what is really neat is that there is not any extra tinkering in the PlayStation platform that works on both PC- 4 of surround sound, which is very rare.
The actual use of cloud flight S is easy, but it takes a little getting used to. Headphone packaging has a lot of control, it is designed to save space, but at first it feels a little strange. It has a control volume, surround sound, game/chat with, and microphone mute. The volume knob and high visibility surround the sound button are easy to find. All other controls are on the side of a low-key button. A dimple left earphone headset is found, they are a little difficult to find first. Once you get, each of which is suspended, it’s not so bad, but there is more than left scrambling when I was there a mistake explosion completely destroyed what I was talking about a few discordant friends.

5. HyperX Cloud II

Cloud II headset is divided into two parts: the headset itself and a USB sound card module. The headset is in a relatively short cable, plug in a 3.5mm measure just over three feet long. The USB sound card is equipped with a USB plug which is twice as long and ends. Both cables are all woven fabric protection and to prevent tangling.
Appearance Cloud II headphones are more reminiscent of a good pair of headphones in the price range of the product is not a game. This is well-built, attractive, and understated (if you get the bronze and black or red and black versions, white and pink version is anything but). This is a set of earphones over the left ear microphone boom disassembly. The headset comes with a small rubber plug hole to hide when you remove the boom mic.

Headband and ear pads are made of pre-class leather and memory foam material, and head to sit comfortably without feeling too heavy or dense. The cap with a solid metal joint is clicking on a specific point, you move them out of the headband, but do not fold or rotate the connection. The cable is connected to the left ear and permanently attached. The boom microphone is located in a front portion and a flexible metal cable connected to the arm and having a windscreen foam.
The USB sound card module supports a 3.5mm headphone port, headphone, and microphone coupled with the microphone mute switch slide independent volume control, a push-button activated headset analog 7.1 surround sound, and a retaining clip.

In addition to the headphones, USB sound card, microphone boom, cloud II comes with a large, sturdy nylon bag that is large enough to easily hold the headset and all accessories. Further comprising a second pair of velvet made more breathable than the earpad memory foam leather-like cover earpad. This is a surprising treat because most gaming headsets do not bother with the customizable ear. Thoughtfully bags have a separate housing Velcro, to keep the additional microphone boom and an ear pad. Finally, the headset includes two plug airplane adapters.

You can use your own headphones with any device with a 3.5mm output, as the headset adapter controller port on the PlayStation or the Xbox One 4, but for the use of personal computers, you should use a USB sound card adapter. As a digital-analog converter (DAC) and surround sound card, and handles all audio processing itself, rather than relying on your car stereo. If there is no adapter, Cloud II is a stereo headset. This surround rig than the Plantronics also offers USB and 3.5mm audio connector is more flexible but requires a USB port power supply, more suitable for desktop applications is not hanging from your shirt design, the relatively large size of the remote device. You can use the headset on its own with any device with a 3.5mm output, like the PlayStation 4’s controller port or the Xbox One’s headset adapter, but for PC use, you should use the USB sound card adapter. It serves as a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and surround-capable sound card and handles all audio processing itself rather than relying on your on-board audio.