Top 15 Best PS4 Gaming Headsets for 2020

One of the best PS4 headsets can transform your gaming experience. While you can hear game sound on a common headphone but a great headset can drastically improve game audio. It lets you hear the detailed sound even footsteps of the enemy. Furthermore, you can equalize the sound according to your taste; can communicate with fellow players with a top-notch microphone and many more. There are unlimited benefits of adding a great headset to your gaming setup.

But not every PS4 gaming headset will suit everyone because every gamer has different priorities and budgets. It is a fact that choosing a headset can be a confusing task but knowing your priorities can make it a little simpler.

It is a fact that there is not the best PS4 headset that can satisfy all gamers that’s why we have listed our recommendations for every possible use case. The headphones listed in our guide come at different prices and provide different levels of sound performance, comfort, and functionalities. In simple words, the more money you spend, the better headphones will be. But even our budget picks provide a great level of sound performance and comfort. They will satisfy most of the casual gamers.

Furthermore, the wireless headset is the first choice for those who play games sitting on a couch or hate the cables so their gaming setup looks clean. But wired gaming headphones are the perfect choice for those who are not good at keeping their devices charged and mostly have longer gaming sessions. While wired cost less but there are still high-end models available offering excellent sound quality and futuristic features.

Moreover, let us inform our users that whatever their resident location is, this guide is helpful for readers globally especially for those who are looking to buy great PS4 headsets in the USA, UK, Australia, or Canada. We have tried our best to include all global models.

Additionally, If you don’t have deep pockets to spend on a gaming headphone we should let you know that you really don’t need to throw your hard-earned money to get the most premium one. You still can buy one of the best PS4 headsets for less than £100/$100, even you can get a great headset under $50/£50 that will be fully compatible with your PlayStation 4. Our team has tested over 100 gaming headphones so far and after deep research, we have selected the top models for each category.

Below we have listed the best wireless, wired, high-end, and budget PS4 gaming headsets for our readers. So without further ado let’s move to our best PS4 headsets.

1. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Drivers: 40 mm | Frequency Response: 10–40,000 Hz | Connectivity: Optical, USB, Dual Wireless: 2.4G lossless + Bluetooth| Battery Life: 20 hours| Wireless Range: 40 ft | Noise Cancelling: Yes | Mic: Yes | Surround System:  DTS Headphone:X v2.0

SteelSeries Artis Pro is currently the best PS4 headset – and the flagship headset of SteelSeries you can buy. These gaming headphones offer top-notch build with lightweight aluminum and steel, lossless high fidelity sound, 40mm drivers providing high-resolution sound, and the most comfortable headphones we ever encountered to wear.

If you are after getting the top of the world wireless gaming headphones, stop looking further and get them immediately. you will be impressed using them and experiencing the highest-fidelity sound for the games.

They are surely the most aesthetic in terms of its design and furnishing. It has a matte look an aluminum and steel headband, that is the padded underside and has the finishing of gunmetal.

The earcups are coated with soft-touch paint and have Air weave cushions, that makes them extremely comfortable to wear and fit properly. They also have a secondary headband that has a role in tracing the head of the wearer for a perfect fit. The admirable thing is that you can even replace the headband and magnetic earcups by what you find most interesting.

Retractable mic is present on the left earcup, which is further extended 4 inches on a wire. Mute button, a 3.5 mm jack, volume dial, a port – all of these are present too on the left ear cup.

Arctis Pro can also be customized to some degree. LED lights shine on both the earcups when they are connected. Mic shines brightly, too, when it is muted.

On the sides of them, black matte panels are placed magnetically, and thus, you can easily remove or replace them. You can also change the look of them by checking and using straps and panels of different colors and designs by SteelSeries.

They indeed have tremendous audio performance. Arctis Pro offers you an impressive EQ frequency curve.  Bass is really good too. Also, there are not any weird bumps in the highs, mids, and lows.

It surely has an outstanding bass. The low-frequency extension (LFE) is 10Hz and that is not easily achievable. Bass range is flat; bass is deep and suitable for soundtracks of video games. You can also adjust bass according to what you need.

The performance of Arctis Pro Wireless’ boom microphone performance is excellent. It is highly capable of rejecting ambient noise in noisy places. Thus it is excellent. The microphone has great recording quality. The low-frequency extension (LFE) is 20dB, and the high-frequency extension (HFE) is 6.6 kHz.

The Arctis Pro Wireless has an excellent battery life of 20 hours. It comes with two swappable batteries. You can charge the battery easily by plugging it in the transmitter.

It has 40 mm Neodymium Drivers. The frequency response is 10–40,000 Hz. It has a retractable boom microphone and has a bidirectional noise-canceling pattern. The frequency response of a microphone is 100–10,000 Hz.

2. SteelSeries Arctis 7

Drivers: 40 mm | Frequency Response: 10–40,000 Hz | Connectivity: USB / 3.5mm | Battery Life: 24 hours | Wireless Range: 40ft | Mic: Yes | Surround System: DTS Headphone: X v2.0

SteelSeries Artis 7 is a leading one of the best wireless gaming headset for PS4 you can get. They have exceptional audio quality and their microphone captures voice so accurately for online chat with friends. They’re still very flexible because they can be used wired, and most consumers would be more than satisfied with their battery life of 25 hours that is not common in the other competitors in this price range. We advise Arctis 7 to PlayStation geeks who are looking for an exceptional quality model from SteelSeries and at a budget price.

Steelseries Arctis 7 delivers a lossless 2.4 GHz wireless connection, impressive sound with its premium drivers inside and very modern and high quality build. The design change from the previous SteelSeriesArctis 7 model is not major. Rather of silver the headband is now black and has a somewhat different style. Other than that, the padding is slightly thicker on the earcups, but the design is still the same. The cups are big, and their microphone is retractable.

The 2019 version of the SteelSeriesArctis 7 is just as comfortable as the one before. The earcups have much more padding, though, which allows them a little thicker and more optimized for wider ears. The updated SteelSeriesArctis 7 2019 Edition control scheme is the same as for the previous edition. A mic-mute click, a channel mixing wheel, and a volume wheel are still available. The tires are much more textured but pretty much work the same way. Due to their soft padding on the ear cups, the SteelSeriesArctis 7 2019 Version is very breathable, assisting with airflow.

They are well-built with thick cups and a robust and versatile metal headband design. The retractable microphone is malevolent and captures your voice fine. They, without causing too much injury, can withstand a few unintentional drops. They a convenient fit that feels safe while on your head. You would be able to also use them with the wireless transmitter for moderate physical exercise such as jogging or work-out at home.

The SteelSeriesArctis 7 2019 does well in rhythm. LFE (Low-Frequency Extension) is good at 48Hz. The SteelSeries mid-range Arctis 7 2019 Version is fantastic and well-balanced as well. The variation between trebles is fairly strong. The SteelSeriesArctis 7 2019 Edition’s performance in imaging is nice. A weighted pause for the category is 0.61, which is good. The GD graph reveals that much of the group latency is below the level of audibility but slightly crosses it at about 40Hz. Performance in leakage is good. The major majority of their leakage occurs between 400Hz and 4kHz, which is a fairly small range and mainly mid-range dominated.

It does have excellent accuracy of recording. LFE is prolonged to 82Hz, which is fine. That means the voice recorded with the Arctis 7 2019 Version of the SteelSeries should sound complete. HFE is restricted to 6.6kHz, though, resulting in a reported speech that sounds fairly informative and simple to comprehend.The boom microphone has outstanding control of the noise. It achieves a speech-to-noise ratio of about 34dB, which is impressive and shows that even in the most stressful settings, such as a gaming case, it can distinguish speech from noise.

They have a fantastic battery life of 25 hours, and apps that save power. You’ll have no trouble using them for long sessions. Within the device, you can also configure the auto-off timer, which is handy. They can also be used when charging, and you can use them passively via an audio cord if the battery is ever dead.

The SteelSeries Engine is a fairly full device providing lots of options for the 2019 SteelSeriesArctis 7 Version. This offers modes and a compressor with a digital equalizer, DTS surround sound and live display, as well as microvolume control.

3. Razer Nari Ultimate

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

Razer Nari Ultimate is the best PS4 headset from Razer. The Razer Nari Ultimate is elegant and smooth in style. They have big, oval ear cups with thin, heavy padding. They have a-black look including gunmetal highlights and display the Razer emblem on the ear cups with innovative RGB lights.

Razer Nari Ultimate is a great gaming headset for PS4 – Premium Headset of Razer. For most users, the Razer Nari Ultimate is convenient headphones. They have big, comfortable ear cups that match well around the ears, with plenty of thick padding. The headband is wrapped with a more breathable mesh cloth. Razer’s HyperSense haptic feedback technology supports these headphones, which produces sensations that amuse you throughout your games.
[expand]The mixing knobs of volume and channel are convenient to use and relatively sensitive, particularly because the mixing dial of the channel has a slot in the center to indicate at 50/50 where the game and chat audio are at. The Razer Nari Ultimate is well-designed headphones for games. I look much more built than the wireless Razer Man O ‘War. Mostly they are constructed of thick and great quality plastic, with such a metal headband framework that feels strong.

The performance of these headphones in the middle range is really good. It fits the target curve very well despite the over-emphasized low-mid range. These headphones’ treble precision is really good. The Razer Nari Ultimate’s image output is fantastic. The GD graph reveals that the whole group reaction to delay is below the level of audibility, maintaining a close bass and a clear treble.These headphones’ balanced harmonic distortion is good. You do not find any distortion or modulation errors even at higher levels. The microphone’s audio output is nice. When using the microphone the speech is comprehensible and accurate. The boom microphone of the Razer Nari Ultimate has excellent control of the noise.

Your friends will be able to hear you relatively well even in loud conditions. The Razer Nari Ultimate is compliant with Razer ‘s outstanding Synapse app, which provides several customizable options. You may change the amount of haptic input, modify the tone of the headphones with a graphical EQ or through different presets.If used with their USB controller, the Razer Nari Ultimate only has 23ms of latency which is outstanding. It allows them a good choice for gaming and watching movies because for most users latency below 50ms is barely noticeable. All PC and PS4 are entirely compliant with such headphones. By trying to plug either into your PS4 controller or straight into your PC with the supplied TRRS cord, they are used wirelessly with the USB dongle or wired.

The Razer Nari Ultimate is good headphones for wireless gameplay which stands out with their innovative haptic feedback feature. They are pretty convenient and well-designed headphones for gaming[/expand]

4. Creative Sxfi Theater

Drivers: 50 mm | Frequency Response: 20–20,000 Hz | Connectivity: 2.4 GHz / Wireless USB | Battery Life: 30 hours | Wireless Range: 33 ft | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

Creative SXFI Theater is a great sounding gaming wireless headset for PS4 we ever encountered. They are the best pick for the people who wants to experience the most high-end audio performance that could get for almost any kind of usage.

You will feel more interested in the material and enraptured by the tale being shown on your screen as the audio arrives at you from all angles. Yet surround sound systems aren’t cheap since you need too many parts to make them functional. And what if someone found out how to get surround sound without needing to purchase a lot of speakers?

[expand]Creative has been striving to do this with its Super X-Fi (or quick SXFI) technology, and the SXFI Theater is the first headset built by the Creative to create immersive surround sound for TV junkies and gamers at the same time.

This device is plugged into one end of the monitor or screen, with wired ears on the other, but the SXFI Theater makes it wireless. It is achieved by using a TX wireless transmitter dongle which plugs into a dock that connects to any device capable of running audio via it through USB. The package contains a 3.5mm line-in cable to allow wired connections to other devices, including if you choose to use them away from home. Doing so, therefore, cancels the Super X-Fi effect.

All controls are mounted on the left earcup: the front-facing power button is placed along with the connection being inserted by a rubber stopper. That’s for the microphone connection used, which we’ll be moving to later. There is a USB-C charging port, 3.5 mm socket, silence switch, volume dial, and the Mega X-Fi switch that toggles on and off the app.

The reinforced leather used for the cups and headband helps to render the SXFI Theater soft and comfortable, and while at 339 grams they are a little large, it is simple it was to wear them for longer periods.

You should add an established profile to the SXFI Theater, as with other Super X-Fi devices. If you don’t have one, you can build one using the Android or iOS SXFI software for taking pictures of your face and both ears. It maps them and interprets the way you hear a sound to build the design profile particularly.

Like previously, Creative offers smartphone and desktop device support: The Android and iOS SXFI Air Control Device and Windows PC SXFI Control App and MacOS provide several configuration choices. They’re not the same as those found in the company’s SB Command app, which connects to some of its Sound Blaster products.

You get an EQ, which contains the option to choose from a variety of presets or build your own. Generally, the software does not deliver that many apps to take a deep dive. The SXFI Theatre offers powerful music. Technically, They do not support Dolby Atmos, DTS, or any other third-party surround sound format, but they do a fairly decent job of simulating what 7.1 surrounds would feel like through psycho-acoustics and DSP.

As these are the headsets of Creative, they already have the profile in the SXFI software, giving a boost to the optimization. Strangely enough, the SXFI Theater is very close to the company’s SXFI Air C, a USB-powered with an almost identical spec sheet. The main distinctions on SXFI Theater are USB-C and the 2.4GHz link.

Bottom Line: Creative SXFI Theater is exceptional built best-sounding headsets you can get that is designed for the very realistic sound the same as you experience on the high-end theatres. The perfect finish design, great sound quality and works great with gaming, movies, and music by producing realistic sound making you feel like you are sitting in a surround theatre to play your games. We suggest this pick to the people who are looking for extraordinary sound performance the same experience you get in theatre.[/expand]

5. Sony PlayStation Platinum

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless / 3.5mm | Battery Life: 12 hours | Wireless Range: N/A | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1 / 3D

The official Playstation Platinum gaming headset is a great pick for the people who are after budget pricing and still want to have all premium features. The Playstation Platinum is specifically designed for the people who are dedicated to the PS4 Console for gaming needs. It is highly comfortable to wear as users would expect it and come with all the mandatory features.

[expand]It is designed very well giving a sleek and modern look. The headband is very cushy with a metallic top, and behind the ear cups, you will find plastic. It is quite lightweight. You will also find a strap of rubber under the metal; it helps in providing the padding to the headband and also lifts the top of them, which makes them tremendously cozy to wear.

The ear cups are the circular shape and have memory foam pads of black color. The drivers are covered by blue fabric inside these earcups and give them the Playstation theme color. The left ear cup has all the controls over it and also has a micro USB port for charging. The mute button, a volume rocker, a three-way power switch, a Game/Chat balance rocker, and a 3.5mm auxiliary port is fitted.

They don’t have a boom microphone, but instead, a pinhole microphone that is present on the left ear cup and it provides clear voice communication. A single slider switch is present on the right ear cup, which has the function to enable the 7.1-channel simulated surround and 3D audio.

They have 50mm drivers that have the potential to offer astounding sound. The virtual 7.1 surround supply clear footsteps sound from every angle of the game you will play with it. The 3D Audio mode delivers realistic sound which will make you dive into your virtual gaming world thoroughly.

It uses a dongle-based 2.4GHz wireless connection to attach with your console. The dongle is a black USB device that is tiny in size to plug in front of your console. The wireless connection is strong having 20 feet range. If you feel like using them as wired. We get 3.5mm aux cable to connect. The box includes a micro USB cable, a 3.5mm cable, and a cloth pouch. The battery life is 11 hours.

You also get to experience the free Companion App on the PlayStation through which you can enjoy a variety of sound presets and custom EQ modes.

Bottom Line: The big 50mm drivers providing 7.1 surrounds & 3D audio, high-grade build, strong wireless connectivity, and top-notch design make Playstation Platinum worth to buy. Each detail cared with exceptional material will remarkably push your gaming experience to a new level! Overall you will love this top-notch premium headphones with your gaming setup.[/expand]

6. Razer Kraken Pro V2

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 12Hz- 24kHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm | Mic: Yes | Surround System: 7.1

Razer Kraken Pro V2 is one of the leading best-wired headsets for PS4. They are lightweight, balanced sounding, having great look at a very affordable price. If you are familiar with razer sharp build quality of this recognizable brand producing great products for gamers.

[expand]They have big oval earcups with plenty of padding and a wide headband with a solid metal frame that is tightened which makes them look very sturdy and sound very solid. They have a retractable microphone too.

They provide a standard console control mechanism. We have a dual volume knob with an on / off mic option. They don’t have any extra buttons and are relatively user friendly. The construction standard is much more lasting than that of the Kraken Man O ‘War and the Kraken USB. The headband is supported by a wide and sturdy metal frame. The earcups are sturdy enough to not crack through unintentional drops or impacts, and the earcups’ lining content looks and sounds high-end. The production of sound imagery is strong. Weighted party latency is 0.31, well within limits. The graph also reveals that party latency will not exceed the boundary of audibility but for a little bit in low-bass. It suggests a close replication of the bass and the clear treble.

The boom microphone of the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is working impressively. Speech captured with the mic sound rich, absolute, and normal in silent conditions while missing marginally in clarity and aeration. The microphone can distinguish noise from voice to a great degree in noisy conditions, making it suitable for extremely busy settings such as train stations or intense game tournaments.

Razer Kraken Pro V2 is of outstanding standard for recording. The low-frequency extension is perfect at 90Hz, and the response is also flat up to 7KHz.The Razer Kraken Pro V2 boom mic has excellent noise control. In very intense and disruptive situations, they may distinguish speech from the background noise. Just like the Kraken X, the Razer Kraken Pro 2 has a good 1/8TRRS audio cable with a console-compatible inline mic. They also come with a Y splitter adapter for PCs.[/expand]

7. Hyperx Cloud Revolver S

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: 12 Hz to 28 kHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Dolby 7.1

Hyperx Cloud Revolver S is a great budget gaming headset for PS4 you can get. If you are a fan of HyperX and familiar with their good quality products then you should consider these high-end gaming headphones. Hyperx Cloud Revolver S is the best budget gaming headphones for Playstation 4 you can grab today. The 7.1-channel surround sound, which proves very useful in games and immerses you in movies and music. The sound is unbeatable. All the while, the sound quality dazzles from the bass through to treble. The build is exceptional, Memory foam earpads allow you to carry on with your games sessions for as long as you want. HyperX Cloud Revolver S is worth every cent you spend on it. Hyperx Cloud Revolver S is an updated version of its predecessor with drastic improvement in its key factors. We got the addition of 7.1 surrounds, USB connection, and a few tweaks in its design.

[expand]It has an artistic design that looks very pretty. It comes with black and white. Black shows up as the most prominent one, and white color is present only on the ear cups and as well on the headband.

They are designed around a flat, steel frame, that is very appealing to the touch and eyes. It makes for a sturdy and versatile look. Metal frames also have a reputation for allowing rubbing or tapping in any vibration, but a couple of rubber dampers help reduce reverberation.

The headband and earpads have memory foam, which enhances the comfort level. Earpads can easily fit on large ears. It has a microphone which is thick and bendable.

The sound performance is outclassed. The inline control panel has three equalizers presets a bass boost and a flat or vocal EQ. The bass quality is appreciable too. Dolby DSP 7.1 is excellent as it does its job very well.

The microphone works like a charm too as it exhibits great noise-canceling performance. It clears out all the surrounding ambient noise of noisy locations, making things a lot easier for you.

It comes with a 50mm neodymium driver. Memory foam cups make it extremely comfortable to wear.[/expand]

8. Turtle Beach Recon 70P

Drivers: 40mm | Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz | Connectivity: 3.5mm | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

If you are after a budget gaming headset that costs less than $50/£50, then you need to grab Turtle Beach Recon 70P. These gaming headphones are one the most budget-friendly and great value to money headset you can find today. We would advise them to the users who are looking for a well balanced and best value to money headphones that will last pretty long due to their higher built quality. They are designed pretty much like the Turtle Beach Recon 200, Stealth 300, and Stealth 600, but the Recon 70 has a few leather pads instead of a cotton covering. Both have the same wide headband style, but different size change yokes are usable.

[expand]They look very identical to the Stealth 300 but special is the padding stuff. The Recon 70 control scheme is relatively straightforward and easy. In the left ear cup, you have a pressure ring, which ends as you hit full or minimum frequency. They do have a monitor with a turn to mic boom.

Turtle Beach Recon 70P does well in the mid-range. The response is consistent and well-balanced around the full range. The boom microphone has a good recording quality. The LFE (low-frequency extension) of 138Hz is fine and indicates that speech recorded/transmitted with this mic should sound full-bodied and simple. The 7.8 kHz HFE (high-frequency extension) results in an intelligible, informative, and present expression.

For gaming, these are the most appropriate ones. Although they are built relatively cheaply and very plasticky, they give good gaming efficiency at home. They have a decent sound profile and are very relaxed for long game hours; their microphones sound simple and full-bodied. Their wired communication does not pose any difficulties with lag, and you have a flip-to-mute mic.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 is for that particular gamer – the one who wants bang for their dollar, bang from their in-game blasts, but a little less of a boom when they smack their purse at checkout to purchase the thing.[/expand]

9. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is a solid gaming headset for PS4 with a wired connection. Over the years, Razer’s Kraken architecture hasn’t changed much, and in turn, forms the foundation for virtually all its headphones. A large padded band connects two very big earcups inscribed with the Razer logo housing 50 mm drivers which adds to the overall headphones’ convenience. It helps to stock the Kraken TE with soothing gel-infused ear cushions to keep the ears comfortable during long gameplay hours, as well as to filter out ambient noise and ensure that the mind is still in the action. And frankly, they do an extremely fine job.

[expand]Nevertheless, because you can almost guarantee relaxation with a Razer headphones-particularly if you have a bigger ear-it was in reality the latest USB amplification that fascinated me with the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition in particular.

It provides built-in volume buttons, micro silence, balance settings that enable you to change the blend of in-game sounds and talk individual bass volume, and a trigger for the latest THX Space Sounds. This app enables your headphones to produce more natural spatial feedback, allowing you a clearer sense of where the noise comes from in games, whether it’s shooting in Battlefield 5 or the mysterious aliens of No Man’s. Because it also improves the listening performance of the wired-in speaker, and that is partly because it opens up a range of configuration possibilities with the Razer Synapse app, you’ll need a Razer account to adjust the tone of the headset. When you have set this up and signed in, you can discover a multitude of possibilities for music.

There are performance-enhancing tools such as tone normalization and voice transparency along with microphone solutions such as removal of external noise. Yet certain apps are even more apparent, such as sound standardization, which means that all the audio is handled the same way, ensuring a Whatsapp screen ping halfway through a Fortnite match won’t make you run so much as it makes you launch an unintended boogie bomb- So make sure the audio is consistent in all modes of in-game music, and you’re not going to get the irritating impact that often occurs in movies where it’s all silent and the action is very gigantic in intensity.

The Kraken Tournament Edition is not moving away from the chunky, round feel of gaming headphones signature from Razer. It is a powerfully designed over-ear pair of headphones, available with black highlights in either black or white. The earcups have big, circular shells of plastic ringed with solid metal to which they connect to the headband of metal.

With solid click-stops, the headband is relatively lightweight and flexible, and the metal rings allow for minimal vertical pivoting with each ear cup to provide a secure fit. A three-foot cord fits well with consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S, where the controls have built-in headphone jacks, and the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, but for PC gaming it is pretty small. That’s where the Kraken Tournament Edition’s other component, the USB cable, fits in.
It’s a slightly wider fabric-covered cable (five-foot), with a USB port on one end and a sound control panel on the other. The package is a thin, rectangular, 3.4-inch black plastic container with big buttons on top of the Volume Up, Volume Down, and Mic Mute.

On the left side of the box sits a jog dial to change the volume, and on the right side a jog dial to modify the game/voice blend, and a click to turn THX Space Audio suit. A 3.5 mm microphone socket attaches to the headphones at the top of the case. I used the Kraken Tournament Edition to enjoy the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout mode. The microphone helped me hear clearly from my squadmates too.The THX audio processing from the headphones converted battle noises into impressive virtual environments. While stereo drivers can not accurately indicate whether an audio source is in front of or behind the listener, the processing allows for very precise lateral imagery. When the shooting happened in the distance in front of me or behind me, or far out to the right or the south, I could identify.

The imagery helped me decide as we were under assault when in a car, with the recording of weapons obviously coming from both sides when we were ambushed. The Razer Kraken Tournament Version is a very powerful $100 wired gaming headphones. It’s big, comfy, and has potent 50 mm drivers that provide plenty of basses. This also fits for virtually every gaming console as a 3.5 mm wired headphones and delivers very good THX enhanced surround sound with the supplied USB connector cable for PCs. The customizable bass is a good touch but it does not enhance the somewhat underwhelming output of the headphones in the lows.[/expand]

10. Razer Thresher Ultimate

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

Razer Thresher Ultimate is a great PS4 headset for competitive and shooters gaming like call of duty war zone. Introducing the first Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone portable console headset — the Razer Thresher Premium PS4 headset. In addition to offering lag-free audio absorption, this luxury headphone often focuses on undoubted comfort. The compact memory foam ear cushions, filled with leather trim, fit comfortably against your ears, offering you a natural feel that is second to none. The built-in fast control buttons and a remote retractable microphone offer easy access to gameplay and voice sound, as well as volume — even in fighting the heat.

[expand]The Razer Thresher Ultimate features Dolby Headphones which offers industry-leading audio reality. Whether you need to sense where the attackers come from or feel your airborne support going by overhead, for a fully interactive gameplay environment that can bring you ahead of your competitors you should expect to hear every single aspect with the utmost precision.The Razer Thresher Ultimate is built to guarantee up to 40 feet/12 meters of lag-free long-distance communication. The retractable wireless microphone allows you the ability to speak effectively and in crowded conditions with your team-mates. Even during tough gaming endurance races, it is built to be totally relaxed, the lightweight soft ear cushions are constructed of memory foam and leatherette, so they easily adapt to your head’s specific shape. Finally, you might wind up playing for hours, without needing to crack your hands.

It is something unique. It packs solid, transparent audio backed by a well-balanced and lightweight interface that is user-friendly for long periods of time. It’s not perfect so it’s hard to do anything more with a luxury headphones. The Razer Thresher Ultimate is something special. It packs powerful, clear audio backed by a well-balanced and light design that’s uber comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It’s not flawless, but for a premium headphones, it’s hard to do much better. One long standing complaint that gamers have about their headphones is that they’re too fragile – the bridges of the headphones break due to a drop, and pressure cracks snap loose hinges. Thankfully, for the most part, the Razer Thresher is immune to the worst of that. One longtime concern gamers have regarding their headphones is that they’re so brittle – headphone bridges fall due to a drop, and friction cracks pop loose hinges. Luckily the Razer Thresher is resistant to the worst of it for the most part.

We’ve enjoyed a variety of games on the Thresher – from sci-fi action games in the shape of the high-octane Wipeout The Omega Collection to slower, more complex encounters like the Zodiac Era Final Fantasy XII. These headphones could have been designed for games like Call of Duty and Battlefield combat, but its versatility and capacity to access information is unparalleled.
And how far does the voice develop from the Razer Thresher Ultimate? Very close. This sounds like you’re suggesting the specifications of the Thresher – a response to the microphone of [email protected] and 100-10,000Hz frequency response.

It also provides a regular version of the Thresher 7.1, which removes the stand in place of a basic USB dongle for 2.4GHz wireless communication. However, it’s an almost similar kit for a slightly lower price – the cans give the same level of design and controls, with the headphones only compatible with PC and Mac devices. Razer has placed a lot of its emphasis on building up the audio capabilities of the Thresher Ultimate, and it shines across in the final product loud and simple. The smallest specifics of the game are understood with ease, and it is a consistency that is hard to find elsewhere.[/expand]

11. JBL Quantum 800

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

JBL Quantum 800 is one of the leading wireless gaming headsets with a noise-canceling feature you can get for PS4. Get the most realistic and exact surround sound from the game. JBL Quantum SURROUND places you at the core of an unforgettable environment, helping you to prevail over the field and improve the performance. It also has a DTS headphone: X v2.0 on it. The Quantum 800 is elegant and heavy, coated in black plastic, and polished gunmetal. The back of each ear cup contains around the textured panel with the JBL logo which illuminates while the headphones is on with adjustable colored lighting. The light-up panels are surrounded by shiny, transparent dark grey material. The left ear cup houses the flip-down boom device, a capsule placed on a bendable black neck, lined with foam.

[expand]The earpads, covered in luxurious faux leather, are lined with a decent quantity of memory foam. The headband’s underside has a thinner lining, but fake leather is equally supple. The effect is a smooth, cozy over-ear design which will be convenient for long gaming sessions, with good noise isolation improving the active noise cancelation of the headphones.A control switch and Bluetooth pairing click rest at the right ear cup’s bottom lip. The other buttons and connectors are situated around the left ear cup ‘s back and bottom sides, including a charging USB-C connector, a 3.5 mm display, a micro mute switch, a volume knob, a game/chat balance knob, and an integrated noise canceling device. Included are USB and 3.5 mm cables and a USB transmitter.

The Quantum 800 is built via the USB transmitter for use with a PC. When you choose to attach it to your computer, it even allows Bluetooth and has a 3.5 mm connection to use the wired headphones on every gaming device. Many of the flexible apps also include a wireless link to your Mac.The QuantumEngine app from JBL helps you to customize a number of headphones functions. To launch, it provides a flexible 10-band EQ with multiple presets. Additionally, you can turn simulated surround DTS, JBL’s own QuantumSurround, or fully disable simulated sound. Also configurable is the led lighting mostly on sides of the earcups, so you can change both the JBL emblem and the outer light ring to rotate at varying speeds across up to five different colors.
Get up for a snack without ever taking off your headphones. JBL Quantum 800 are gaming-grade, lossless 2.4GHz, and Bluetooth 5.0 dual wireless audio equipped, complete with 14-hour battery life. Check connectivity guide for compatible platforms. Get up for a break, and never take off your headphones. JBL Quantum 800 headphones come fitted with sports standard, 2.4GHz lossless, and Bluetooth 5.0 dual wireless audio, with a battery life of 14hours. For compatible devices, search the Connectivity Guide.

Keep one move clear of the match. The JBL Quantum 800 headphone offers you the advantage with accurate spatial audio tracking, 2.4GHz lossless and dual-wireless Bluetooth features, Effective Noise Canceling, memory-foam support, and 14-hour battery life. The JBL Quantum SOUND Signature is built for absolute absorption and offers you a real audio edge in combat.
The microphone provides direct online communications, including a DISCORD-certified game-chat device that is also TeamSpeak compliant, and more. A leather-wrapped, ergonomic build of memory foam cushions can make you relaxed for hours. If you’re a seasoned pro or fresh to the table, the JBL Quantum 800 headphones let you level out.

The Quantum 800 features active noise cancellation (ANC), like the Quantum One headphones. The difference is that it’s much more useful on the Quantum 800 because of the Bluetooth connectivity; you can connect it to your phone and enjoy ANC when out and about. The ANC button on the headset toggles it on with a long press, and switches between ANC (or non-ANC) listening and a pass-through mode that lets you hear your surroundings clearly with the headset on.[/expand]

12. Astro A50Gen4 2019

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

Astro A50Gen4 2019 is the most comfortable gaming headset we ever encountered for PS4. Each device these days, from mobile, laptops, game machines, health trackers, and even gaming headphones, is pretty much guaranteed an update. As fresh, updated entrants join the market over time, Astro Gaming has always been one of the most esteemed players, whose experience in audio hardware is clearly expressed in the numerous iterations of its A40 and A50 series. The wired-wireless sibling pair will render a recognizable presence for the A50, particularly so. Dating back to 2012, it has evolved into the signature product of the brand, providing updated iterations and improving versatility for every update while retaining the more classic features. Gen 4 has plenty of it, true to form.

[expand]While other recent headphones have carried on stealthier, subtler tones to the garish gamer style, the Astro A50 boldly shows its gaming heritage with branding logos, a gritty, rugged industrial design, and sleek-looking microphones – all sunk into the stylish, shiny black fabric.
In addition to wireless charging, the stand also shows the numerous front-facing headphone stats including battery power, EQ setting, and app and Dolby compatibility. During a short look, both things are easily apparent, which allows for a welcome convenience. Throughout long game sessions, say goodbye to being fretting about the secret battery point.

Naturally, the audio interface itself still has a share of enhancements over its predecessor. Whereas the old A50 depended on a sliding switch to toggle through three separate EQ profiles and power settings, this one is fitted on the right side with easy-to-use keys.

The volume control wheel manages to adjust its former configuration as a roller at the right ear cup’s bottom edge, which is pretty awesome given how simple and user-friendly it is. The microphone rests over on the left side, and although it is neither removable nor reversible, it may rotate upward while not in usage.Some of the A50’s most popular functionality was its game-chat channel controller, and Astro is just supposed to carry that to its next version, with a good little boot update. This is also operated by shaking the ear cup in the direction of the marks, recently inserted into the right side of the headset so that the audio quality can be changed.

As a consequence, the A50 can report as two different USB sound devices which can annoy consumers for the first time. The ‘playing’ mode will, as a general rule of thumb, be currently engaged because of its better, finer sound quality that can be further improved with the Dolby Atmos functionality.The interchangeable ear pads definitely bring a bit of ease to the interface and customization. The original ones are more than easy, so anyone searching for alternative leatherette alternatives to switch them out will just pop off the magnetic ear pads and clip into the substitute.

Putting the A50 to use in either gaming or movie settings appeared to be a fantastic experience, particularly when coupled with the help of Dolby Virtual Surround. Watching The Witcher on Netflix provided clean, authentic audio combining with the show’s impressive graphics and battle sequences, with Jaskier’s “Toss a Coin to your Witcher” crooning providing a more refined touch to interactiveness.[/expand]

13. Corsair HS60 Pro

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

Corsair HS60 Pro is a mid-level great gaming wireless headset for PS4. The Corsair HS60 PRO almost seems similar to the Corsair HS60 original. The only visible change is the marginally heavier padding on the ear cups and the white lining on the headband in comparison to the previous model’s black lining. These do come in a yellow version with yellow stitching and a yellow rim across the ear cups. There is a sound roller wheel, and a click switch to toggle on / off your microphone. The wheel ends at min/max, which makes it easy to realize at which speed you are, which is great. The Corsair HS60 PRO looks and sounds very powerful and also well-built. These are similar to the previous edition and have very excellently-padded ear cups and headband with a robust metal build. The mid-range accuracy of these headphones is great. Low-mid is overstated and avoids the rather over-emphasized bass blocking out any instruments and vocals.

[expand]The images of these headphones are fantastic. Weighted party pause is all within reasonable limits, resulting in a strong bass replication and clear recording. The test unit’s L / R drivers are still very well balanced, meaning that items such as speakers, devices, and video game effects are correctly positioned and localized. If used with the supplied USB amplifier the Corsair HS60 PRO has a 7.1 virtual audio system feature. The microphone’s noise handling is strong.

Even in really loud situations, you will be able to hear the people on the other side of the line.
The Corsair HS60 PRO is completely compatible with both PC and PS4 with either the regular 1/8 “TRRS link or the USB adapter. The Corsair HS60 PRO comes with a USB adapter that allows you a connection to a virtual 7.1 sound system feature.

The Corsair HS60 PRO SURROUND are very good headphones for wired games. For long gaming sessions, they are convenient enough and their wired nature ensures that you don’t have to take a break to charge the battery. Their amplification is dignified. It does a decent job of distinguishing your speech from natural noise, and even in noisy environments, your teammates will have no problem understanding you.[/expand]

14. Afterglow AG9 Plus

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

If you are tight on a budget and looking for a wireless headset that costs around $100/100£, then stop looking further. Afterglow AG9 Plus is a great wireless headset that you can buy in a budget price tag. The long wireless range, strong audio performance, modern designed, big drivers, long-lasting battery life, and comfortable design make them the best choice in a budget price. In this budget price, you won’t get anything better than this.

[expand]Afterglow AG 9 Plus wireless headsets are an economical choice that has ample features and they are remarkable. It also has customizable colored lighting and it exhibits considerable sound performance.

Afterglow AG 9 Plus is a bulky one and comes as an over-ear headphone style. The earcups are circular, and earpads are made of breathable fabric, which makes them ideal to wear in hot weather. The headband is padded perfectly, thus elevating the comfort level.

They are available in black and white colors. Earcups have 50 mm drivers that are prime quality. Transparent plates are present on the back of earcups having the circuit boards inside them visible to see. Afterglow logo is present in the middle of the plate. A colored light changes its color to tell about the status.The gleaming circle on the left earcup acts as a power/microphone mute button mix. The big, rubber-covered boom microphone plugs into a left ear cup trapezoidal protrusion on which a huge, flat Mode button sits. This click toggles the audio modes, and also by colored lighting settings can be kept down to loop.

On the back edge of the earcup, the volume wheel is present while a micro USB port for charging and 3.5mm audio jack for wired use are present on the bottom edge. No controls are present on the right ear cup.

Afterglow AG 9 Plus has the impressive sound performance. Overall, The sound image quality is perfectly balanced to use it for any purpose. The audio is very clear without any interference. Bass is really deep and strong; you will be satisfied with it if you are conscious about the bass.

Mic has exceptional performance too. it records the voice with very clearly and transmits your original voice instead of changing its tons as the case with other cheaper quality competitors. The microphone work great in canceling out ambient sounds so your voice transmits clearly without any disturbance.[/expand]

15. Razer Tetra

Drivers: 50mm | Frequency Response: N/A | Connectivity: Wireless | Battery Life: 16 hours | Wireless Range: 40 feet | Noise Cancelling: N/A | Mic: Yes | Surround System: Stereo

Razer Tetra is the cheap gaming headset for PS4 you can buy today – A simple, lightweight, and cheap gaming headphones for PS4. The optimal approach for voice communication when gaming has as yet been challenging for console gamers. While a workable option, a complete headset loses the convenience and relaxed aspect of playing a game on your Pc. On the flipside, packaged talk headphones from consoles are typically missing in both the departments of consistency and comfort. The new Razer PS4 Tetra talk headphones intend to improve it all. The Tetra headset’s most important benefit is its construction efficiency.

[expand]The Tetra is a totally separate hardware animal as opposed to the standard PS4 or Xbox solutions. A comfortable leatherette earpad provides both consistency and comfort, while the talk headphones elegant construction is finished with a metal lever to rotate the cardioid microphone; adorned with the Razer logo of course.

With the Tetra, convenience is accompanied by ease of use; a system in which all the apparent and planned features of a communication headphones are present and right. The headphone jacks directly through your DualShock 4 controller with a regular 3.5 mm interface to begin from a basic one. In-line volume settings make it easy to change volume and silence your microphone on the move. They are sensibly placed on the cable for quick access and simple to use without needing to look away from your playing. The headline usability element, however, is the microphone’s 180o rotating neck. It helps you to carry the headphones whatever side of your head feels convenient, which can render their experience a world of difference for certain players.

The audio output of Razer Tetra is the highest for a headphones of its size. Playing with a buddy, their speech can come out loud and clear; personally, far louder than the regular PS4 chat bid. Furthermore, the ear cup’s on-ear configuration means you can also hear tv clearly at the same time. The Razer Tetra is a single speaker headphones equipped with a 3.5 mm jack for computers, smartphones, and other computers. Since its solo mic, it can be used either on your left or right side, keeping the other one free to audio function. The headphone is super lightweight, weighing in at only 70 g and has its own volume switch and silence device.

The foam cover over the microphone is indeed an easy yet efficient pop filter solution, ensuring the receiver ‘s speech output is both transparent and consistent. Good reliability and sound quality recorded from all ends reflect an outstanding construction quality. Comfort and transparency likewise shine. The Razer Tetra is the obvious best option for a regular communication headphones for any Xbox player who plays regularly with their mates.[/expand]