8 Best JBL Headphones in 2020

JBL sells a wide variety of styles to fit different applications. We seem to provide decent audio quality on their headphones because we usually adopt the Harman curve and generally sound well-balanced overall. We will have to evaluate a JBL headset as comfortable as some of the models made by other popular brands such as Bose and Sennheiser, And they have no styles devoted to more critical audiences. Still, their simple shapes and innovative functions such as music streaming make them one of the most comfortable, daily headphones brands for you.

If you are looking for the Best JBL Headphones that can deliver high-end sound performance, then take a look at our best picks below.

1. JBL Everest 300

These JBLs are a good wireless budget alternative but lack the all-round potential to impress The JBL Everest 300s are built loosely in the Beats mold. Their lines are chunky with an inflection of youth/lane.
They look kind enough but place them on your eyes, and each hand sticks out quite away.
The cups are placed on swiveling frames, rendering each earpiece one to two inches larger than the Beats Solo 3 Wireless. The JBL Everest 300s offer a colossal soundstage, similar to a full-size headset than an in-ear style.

There is a feeling of both exact vertical room and depth, ensuring that the JBL Everest 300s produce interactive soundscapes that would be valuable at the price even though they weren’t wireless at all.
Bass too is good. It’s comprehensive and has real punch, but is less invasive than the Beats Solo 3 Wireless’ low end. It does not boom, substantially echo or move on the other registers.
With a less price set of wireless headphones, we do have some excellent acoustic properties. Yet they aren’t flawless-for starters; the low frequencies are less knowledgeable.

The minds of the JBL Everest 300s are gentle and low in detail, and the treble is mild. There’s just not the zing that you may be searching for, and complexities aren’t particularly verbal.
Bluetooth is active, albeit leggy, and although the sound loses any concept of mid-range and treble, the broad soundstage and powerful bass allow it some appeal.

+ Good Wireless
+ Budget-Friendly
+ Good Acoustic Properties
+ Mild Sound

What We Liked: The JBL Everest 300s aren’t fabulous headphones but, given the size, they are good performers.

2. JBL Live 650BTNC

The JBL Live 650 BTNC for a reasonable price provides strong noise-cancellation, battery life, convenience, and functionality. We were pleased with the well-rounded JBL kit placed together here and heartily endorsed it to those who don’t want to splurge on Bose and Sony’s premium ANC headphones. While the Sony and Bose look a little bland, JBL mixes that with a sophisticated and trendy style.
The 650 BTNC comes in three separate colors-black with all white, copper highlights and the blue and silver combination you see in our review package. The JBL Live 650 BTNC sound can be summed up in only one word: thrilling. These headphones deliver incredible stability where bass crashes hard while the mids or tops are not overwhelming.

The noise-canceling of the 650BTNC is decent but not class-leading when it comes to holding the vibration clear. Throughout our research, the JBL Live 650BTNC succeeded throughout blocking out the voice well and much of the sounds of our busy ride on the train, but there was a gentle hiss while no music was playing and a small strain on our ears were present.
Although ANC is not as lovely as Bose and Sony, we consider it better than the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2, which is within the same range of costs.
The battery life is estimated with ANC and wireless allowed at 20 hours, and we did not have any problems exceeding that number at medium volume. More, although we kept the size down and left the headphones off, we always had an hour or two more.

If you are using the JBL Live 650BTNC with an ANC-enabled cable, you will get upwards of 30 hours on a single charge-more than enough for an overseas ride. In terms of sound quality, design, and functionality, the JBL Live 650BTNC punches over its weight for the cost.

The foregoing inconveniences-including routing the assistant to the touchpad and utilizing micro USB-are merely nitpicks with none of them becoming blatant deal-breakers. That said, we came away really pleased with the well-rounded bundle JBL produced for the consumer and will suggest them for a cheap pair of noise-canceling headphones to everyone on the street.

The Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 has long been our go-to choice for the same price, but at this stage, they get long in the tooth. If you switch off the headset, they have niceties like autoplay-pause, but the JBL has help for voice assistants, is more equipped and sounds excellent.
JBL Signature Sound,40 mm drivers, and a trademark tone can be heard in the world’s most popular venues.
Voice Assistant is always there to help, Play your favorite song, email a mate, test the weather and many more by simply tapping the ear cup to trigger the Amazon Alexa or Google voice assistant. To quickly set up your favorite voice assistants, use the all-new JBL software.

Talk Thru Technology and Ambient Aware, Don’t let them interrupt the song! Keep in sync with the local environment when listening to the songs. A click of the Ambient Aware button enhances the ambient sound and helps you to think exactly what’s going on around you. The TalkThru feature scales down the audio volume, and you can talk to your mates without losing your headphones.

Long Battery Life – 2 Hours Recharging Time, Roll on for a full day and if that’s not enough, enjoy easy recharge. 15 minutes charging for 2 hours playtime A smooth 15-minute charge helps you to stretch the fun for a further 2 hours.

Enjoy Hands-free calls. Keep in contact with your environment by managing calls using the ear-cup keys. When the battery is empty, easily plug in the audio cord, and proceed to listen and talk.
Multi-Point Connection, It helps you to move from one Bluetooth ® computer to another with ease. You may quickly turn your tablet from a video to a call on your cell phone, and you’ll never skip a message.
Comfort-fit fabric headband, with a beautiful cotton headband and fluffy ear cushions around your head, the LIVE400BT is a super convenient Detachable Remote & Microphone cord while the battery is down, just plug in the audio cable and proceed to listen or talk.

+ Perfect ANC
+ Microphone Cord
+ Comfortable and firm fit

What We Liked: The high ANC that does make it easy to use even while traveling or when you are in-crowd.


Superior sound is essential in your environment, so put on a pair of wireless on-ear headphones from JBL LIVE 400 BT. Equipped with huge 40 mm motors, headphones from JBL LIVE400 BT provide JBL Signature Audio, punctuated with improved bass, so every track pops on every playlist. Need some encouragement to get through the day?
Quickly activate the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa by clicking on the ear cup and playing your dream song, messaging your buddy or monitoring the weather and much more, without looking at your device.
Thanks to the Ambient Aware feature and TalkThru technology, the JBL LIVE 400 BT headphones will even hold you in contact with your location, which helps you to have a chat without removing the headphones.

+ Perfect Audio
+ Great Sound
+ Perfect Battery Timing

What We Liked: Lightweight and convenient due to the pillow soft-lined headband, you’ll enjoy 24-hour music streaming with 2 hours recharging time, multi-point link capability and a handy remote / microphone short cord that helps you to rock on even when the battery is off. Try out the JBL LIVE 400BT headphones while staying tuned.

4. JBL Reflect Mini 2

This lightweight headphone for Bluetooth sports suits snugly yet looks great. It provides excellent battery life and has a transparent cord and a safe option throughout the night.
For that quality, the tone might be a little higher.
Although the JBL Reflect Mini 2 could sound a little better for the price, I liked its fit and design.

For sure it’s a lightweight pair of sweatproof in-ear waterproof sports headphones that can fit quickly and safely between most people’s faces. Just like the previous edition, the cord is translucent, which ensures that as it absorbs the Light, it can shine at night. That safety function may reassure runners or walkers throughout the night.

The headphones come in black, lime green, teal, and blue. They have many different tips and wings in silicon to help you find a perfect match. An excellent lightweight rubber carrying case is also part of the kit, but unlike for example Apple’s AirPods, it doesn’t charge anything of its own.
You’ll be using the supplied USB cord for that. Battery life is capped at 10 hours, which is pretty good for this form of headphone, and there is a quick-charge option that allows you a 15-minute charging for an hour’s juice. I liked the well-designed remote inline though.

As if the earphones were somewhat stuck out of my mouth, ultimately JBL has done a decent job updating the original Reflect Mini’s style, making it feel a tad more luxurious. These suit me perfectly, and a secure seal is a key to optimizing sound quality while you’re working with noise-isolating headphones like this.

+ Great Fit
+ Easy to Carry
+ USB Cord for battery

What We Liked: As usual it’s worth remembering that you’ll have difficulty noticing traffic when running outside while actively seeking out the noise.

5. JBL Endurance Sprint

The JBL Endurance Sprint is a fitness headset that looks fantastic, leaves your ears safe and is made to last. You may hate the awkward build and finicky touch controls, but for the price, it’s hard to fault these headphones. The JBL Agility Sprint is broad and confident with massive earbuds that hold the batteries, microphones, and touch controls on the headset.

While massive, the style makes it simple to use the touch controls on the right earbud. The headphones are constructed entirely of plastic and rubber, but they nevertheless manage to sound high quality and rough. The earbuds are built for noise sealing, and they do an outstanding job in that region.
Anyone searching for headphones that let in any input will be frustrated as the headphones filter out most ambient noise-but that’s a small price to pay for decent noise isolation. Sound quality is characteristic of JBL with a mid-bass boost and a robust tonal balance. The mids are soft and never sound harsh at peaks.

The JBL Stamina Sprint leaves much to be desired in terms of accuracy but bears in mind that these are not meant to be audiophile headphones. (See OnePlus Bullets Wireless or RHA MA390 Wireless, if you want a better-rounded sound.)

The battery life is capped at 8 hours, so when the headphones go down, you’ll be glad to hear that they help quick charging with 10 minutes of battery life through their micro USB port on the connector. The JBL Agility Sprint is a perfect pair of headphones for workouts: they will not slip out during intense exercises and are built for violence.

With 8 hours of playback on a charge, we liked their tone, durable construction, water-resistance and stable design, plus battery life is good. Although their touch controls that skip your taps from time to time and the mic leaves much to be desired, at this price point, they are niggles.

The Jaybird X3 is a good alternative in terms of competition, but it costs twice as much-plus, we prefer the tone of the JBL Speed Sprint.

The RHA MA390 Wireless is a good alternative for those looking for better performance while still providing water resistance, and it functions as well on the drive as it does the gym.

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless is indeed a successful option, with the most natural of the three tones. The Bullets also have fast charging and a convenient on/off auto feature when you magnetically attach the earbuds.

+ Perfect Stylish headphones
+ Great Battery Life
+ Firm fit
+ Easy to carry

What We Liked: Nonetheless if your budget is restricted but your gym time is not, these are the wireless fitness headphones that you have been looking for.

6. JBL Reflect Flows

These JBL Reflect Flows are some of the strongest among The Reflect Flows, if you’re after sports in-ears, have a longer battery life than their contemporaries, at ten hours from the buds themselves and 20 more from the case. In around two hours, the whole lot can go from empty to ultimately charge.

Nonetheless, the situation itself is somewhat of a disappointment. It’s too large to carry with you for a long run, and while black and silver polished plastic (also offered in teal and silver) won’t give up fingerprint smudges, the silver coating in our sample starts to rub off somewhat in only a couple days of being held around. There are three sets of different tips and fins provided in total.

We would like a few more choices, but although fiddly fitting, either by downsizing or upsizing the tip or fin or both, a comfortable and sporty fit can be accomplished. We’re heading for a ride in them; they don’t budge with the right accouterments in our lug holes. We’re always looking for a set of ‘sport’ in-ears to truly surprise us as opposed to their ‘ordinary’ authentic wireless counterparts for tone.
However, the JBL Reflect Flows are equal to the five-star Jaybird Vistas, and less pricey too, for an athlete-worthy suit alongside decent performance.

Whether you’re not after a pair of sports in-ears, there’s more info to be picked up outside of this very niche area by the class members. For true wireless sports in-ears though, the JBL Reflect Flow headphones are perfect, especially if you want a bass-heavy sound for the gym without resorting to cans – and the battery will outlast a seriously long run.

+ Perfect for the Sportsperson
+ Great battery Life
+ Firm Fit, Easy To use

What We Liked: The JBL Reflect Flow headphones are lovely for true wireless sports in-ears, particularly if you want a bass-heavy sound for the gym without resorting to cans – and the battery is going to outlast a real long ride.

7. JBL Under Armour

The Under Armor True Wireless Flash earbuds are a grand entrance into the exact wireless segment, with excellent audio, ergonomic construction, and decent battery life to help allow your guy to last during the week. The Flash earbuds don’t diverge from what you’d anticipate from a truly wireless model.
There is no wire here, indicating that all earbuds are untethered, just tips for the silicon ear and a smooth covering to hold them within the ear.

For the earbuds course, you can get three sizes of ear tips included in the pack, but we considered the default sizing to be excellent for our (small) ears.
For its sheer size, the aluminum charging case is instantly eye-catching. It can fit comfortably in one hand but is around twice the size of the comparable carrying case for the Apple AirPods, which ensures that squeezing into a pocket isn’t that simple – particularly during exercise.

If you put the case after your exercise in a locker or rucksack, you’ll be alright, just be mindful that the situation isn’t quite as lightweight as the earbuds themselves. The UA True Wireless Flash earbuds manage to pack into a slim form factor with some fantastic internal specifications. With the permission of the audio brand JBL, each earbud has a 5.8 mm driver which packs a punch.

Bass is heavy without overpowering, and you get to boot a large soundstage and a broad spectrum of 20Hz-22KHZ frequencies.
With this price point, we should hope for the music of this standard, but it is also promising that UA’s earbuds emphasize audio as well as workout suitability. (Being sweatproof doesn’t matter if you can’t stand listening to the patchy sound of a pair of headphones.)

The Under Armor True Wireless Flash earbuds are a good entrance into the real wireless business, with powerful audio, ergonomic construction, and massive battery life to make your purchase last all week.

Nonetheless, UA has opted for endurance rather than ease, and the charging case may feel like a bit of a brick to bring around – particularly during exercise. You can also get no pace charging options here, which means you shouldn’t wait until five minutes before a workout to insert the case into the panel.
Yet the cons will overshadow the inconvenience for the sporty among you.

+ Perfect Fit
+ Great Battery Life
+ Perfect for outdoor uses

What We Liked: The size of the headphone is perfect to use daily and in outdoors for exercises and workouts.

8. JBL Tune 120tws

JBL Pure Bass Sound, The 5.8 mm driver with JBL Pure Bass sound, offers a solid hit for all of your playlists.

Read regarding the ease of a digital lifestyle when on the move. Now listen to the radio, handle your calls or work out without the fear of interrupting your rhythm with twisted wires.
Never skip out on your call during your regular drive or exercise thanks to the secure the power of hands-free stereo calls and strategically positioned earphone keys. Click a button and communicate with Siri or Google Assistant.

4H Playback for Earbuds + 12H for Charging Case, At the beginning of the day, until the conclusion, the communication requirements are fulfilled. Then if that’s not enough, insert the earbuds into the compact charging case that has been elegantly built for only 15 minutes to provide 1 more loading period.

+ Small charging case
+ Communicate with Siri and Google Assistant
+ 15 minutes charging

What We Liked: Affordable Stylish Design, Various, bright colors mean you are taking your styling as seriously as you are taking your music.


Are JBL headphones good?

Overall, JBL allows feature-packed headphones that always adopt the Harman curve, contributing to decent quality to the audio. They don’t often have the most comfortable designs, though, and at times their plasticky build quality may seem a little weak for their size.

What is the battery life of JBL Bluetooth headphones?

The JBL FREE X Bluetooth headphone shell has a full battery life of only 4 hours, so the single usage period is not very high. You will pay heed to the remaining strength of the headphone frame while using the headset.

How long do JBL headphones last?

It has 16-hour battery life. Enjoy a whole day or more of portable audio without needing to plug back in your headphones to switch.

Do JBL headphones need charging?

These headphones come with a Proprietary to micro-USB charging cable and can be inserted into the lower side of the left earpiece. The battery becomes ultimately charged until this Light goes off. This requires up to two hours, getting a maximum fee.

Is JBL better than Sony?

At times the Sony seemed louder and more resonant, and the JBL sounds more influential on some albums. They both say punchy together, they look more substantial than a decent number of other $100 speakers on the market. Still, the JBL sounded significantly smoother than the Sony for this reference picture.

Compared to other brands

Good audio reproduction: We’ve yet to evaluate JBL’s entire range of headphones, but the handful we’ve reviewed so far are much better for sound quality than average. Being a Harman affiliate, they usually adopt the Harman curve resulting in a balanced bass and mid-range that lets them sound nice for fans of a wide variety of music genres.

Feature-packed: JBL provides a wide variety of portable headphones and multiple innovative functions, such as audio streaming or automatic noise reduction. Through a smartphone app on your phone, you can also customize some of their headsets which help you to monitor noise isolation, as well as giving you access to auto-off timers and a completely parametric equalizer.

Easy-to-use: The JBL headphones we’ve checked appear to have quick and easy to use, intuitive functions. Most often have a dedicated Bluetooth sync click, which also helps promote pairing.

Mediocre comfort: We’ve only checked a pair of JBL headphones, but support was one of their ordinary qualities. These are either too large, or they have tiny ear cups that do not match comfortably over the ears of both listeners.

Plastic designs: Most of the headphones we reviewed from JBL were made decently well, but they felt a little plastic, particularly given their price range. This doesn’t imply that they have low build efficiency, only that they often feel a little small.

No open-back models: Although JBL does provide a wide variety of headphones for different applications, they miss more important hearing-oriented headphones with open-back designs that build expansive soundstages. For most casual listeners, that might not be a concern, but this leaves much of their playlist not geared for a little essential listening experience.

Overall, JBL allows feature- headphones that always adopt the Harman curve, contributing to decent quality to the audio. They don’t often have the most comfortable designs, though, and at times their plastic build quality may seem a little unfortunate for their size.