10 Best Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones) and Earphones in 2020

Choosing the best earbuds isn’t an easy task, and we do understand it. We help our users choose the best Earbuds available in the market according to their needs and preferences. You can see which earbuds are the ones that you would want to purchase for yourself.

According to your needs. This guide will fulfill all your questions. This will help you see to select the best Earbuds available, not only that, but will make the dust clear. What features are actually to look for while selecting the perfect Earbuds for yourself. ! Isn’t it a fantastic deal for our users?

After researching 100s of pieces. We Have come up with a list for you. See the perfect option with all great performing features and see which ones is the best to try out

We know you can’t spend 1000s of dollars in searching which one to go for. If you do great, if not. We are here for you to help you choose the best earbuds.

1. Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra Elite 75t

Jabra is improving its products drastically in their every new releasing in-ear headphones. Not the Tone balance If we say so. Jabra Elite 75t Is an exceptional headphone considering the battery timing.

Jumping on the features of what The new 75t has to offer. The battery comes first in place as this has the most advanced battery. The charging case is also quite small, finding the previous piece from Jabra Elite. If we talk about the bass quality In a new 75t.

This headphone is reasonable in its own way. Giving you exceptional quality at a very budgeted price is what the Jabra brand is all about. Reliable and great sound quality Jabra Elite 75t that can impress anyone at the first listening.

You can connect the App of Jabra Elite 75t everywhere except PC. It doesn’t recognize and save information there, so you will need to be careful while using it on the PC.

The other thing to talk about the Jabra Elite 75t is its tiny little charging case, which is portable and small, perfect to fit in everyone’s jeans pocket.

Durable and saves almost 7 hours of battery time, which makes this earbud to give you companionship for a longer period of time. This headphone is handy, easy to use. The charging case is small hence it proves to be pocket-friendly. You can use this headphone while you are traveling and gymming or anywhere you would like to use. It’s one of the most reliable and easy to use Jabra Elite 75t available in the market.

+ The perfect small charging case that works for 7 Long Hours.
+ You can Customise the EQ using the App.

What We Liked: We liked the battery timing, the sound quality, and it’s a perfect small charging case to go for. It’s easy on pocket and reliable to use on a more prolonged basis.

2. Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

We couldn’t welcome more of this Apple Airpods Pro then this. The design is great to talk about; the battery life is good to use even when you are not home. If we are talking about the best earbuds to try in 2020, then we can’t forget to talk about the new Apple Airpods Pro. This Apple Airpods Pro is built to perform with Siri. That’s exceptionally and easy to use while you are driving and want to play with your earphones. Siri is your friend.

The Pro version is designed with dedication, and we can see it. It’s comfortable to use; the Apple Airpods Pro are light and easy to handle even if you are in the gym and on track.

The Apple Airpods Pro feels light to use while running and using it even at home. The battery life goes for up to 7 hours long, which makes it the perfect version to use among all these. The Apple Airpods Pro has come with great noise-canceling features. It works perfectly, it won’t ditch you in the middle. It comes with a variety of unique features. Nowadays, when we search for the best earbuds in the market, it’s a win thing especially for the Apple Fans who want to stay in this brand’s Ecosystem.

+ Great Noise Cancelation
+ The new Apple Airpods Pro Fits perfectly
+ It’s better for tracking hearing health

What We Liked: We definitely would go with its noise cancelation features. As this has been beating all other earbuds out there.

3. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

If your budget is tight, and looking to invest a bit. But you still want to get your hands on the best earbuds. Then we can recommend using Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 and look no further. It comes in a tiny small charging case with a stylish design to use daily. Perfect sound performance, great noise cancellation, multiple features to use according to your choice.

Be it in the gym, tracking, or at home. This is giving competition to all other rivals that are out there. This is one of the most astonishing Earbuds with a completely blowing sound ratio.

We can say that these Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 almost beat the apple air pods sound performance, even though it’s cheaper than the AirPods. If you are looking for a budget-friendly headphone. Look no further and go for this Cambridge Audio Melomania 1. This the perfect Value for money Earbuds. With exceptional audio genes.

+ Outstanding Audio Quality
+ Great Value for Money
+ The design is comfortable and easy to use.

What We Liked: The best thing about this Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 headphone is it’s giving all great features. But still, this headphone is not heavy on the pocket. Which is quite an excellent thing for the people looking for a budget-friendly headphone? That is a great rival for all other great brands out there.

4. OnePlus Bullets

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

The OnePlus Bullets class is different. It’s classic and has a great battery life to use regularly. Even when you are bored, sitting idle. This OnePlus Bullets will help you. The sound quality is mesmerizing; the Build is fantastic and comfortable to the ear.

Perfect to use while traveling you can be a free bird and enjoy long battery life.As the battery life goes for more than 10 hours. Which is again an excellent feature to talk about in any headphone. The bullet’s Quality is to die for.

The build quality of this OnePlus Bullets has been raised from all other reviewers out there. Even if we talk about the budget, this OnePlus Bullets has beaten everywhere.  The connection is strong and won’t break from your phone, even in the gym and, traveling.
The Magnetic switch on and off ability makes it a different piece than others. So would recommend this piece to our readers to try on anyway.

+ The Magnetic on and Off switch
+ Great Balanced Sound
+ Aesthetic audio Quality
+ The bluetooth connection is secure than any other brand.

What We Liked: We will go with OnePlus Bullets any day, and the high Build, perfect bluetooth connection says it all. The sound quality of these Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 is the thing that we can’t get in other brands. So would definitely go with its sharp sound quality any day.

5. 1More Triple Driver

The design of the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone speaks it all; it’s subtle and easy to use. It’s classic and yet speaks out of the box to use while traveling. The design is comfortable and great to use while out. This is not too expensive and heavy on the pocket; this surely makes it one of the best Earbuds out there.

The noise-canceling feature is very handy to use in a crowded place. This is one of the best Earbuds to try on for the noise-canceling feature. The audio quality is sharp and clear. You can make frequent calls with these Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 easily because these in-ear headphones have buttons on them that can make attending calls easier. Make calls and video calls through this h 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone, and this won’t disappoint you. This is the must-buy a headphone that has a great design.

Use it in any crowded place, and people will look at it as the design speaks for itself. The classic black color and finish to its design are winning all over. This Headphone is a budget-friendly headphone; this doesn’t hurt your pocket while can be your perfect choice of headphone.

The sound Quality is LUSH
The Excellent design is commendable
The Build is astonishing
The Unmatched Value headphone out there.

What We Liked: In this headphone, we couldn’t talk much about the design as that is commendable. There are brands whose designs are useful in use and a perfect balance of quality and style. This really deserves to be one of the most stylish and good looking Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 out there. This wouldn’t be much to talk about, to be honest. The design deserves even more raving.

6. RHA MA390


The RHA MA390 is one of the most fantastic neckband Earbuds that prove to have the perfect sound Quality out there. Comparing other features to talk about the sound quality of these Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 makes it one of the most desiring Earbuds.

This is stylish to the core, classy to use on a daily basis. This is not going to disappoint with its excellent sound performance. Other than the sound quality. This RHA MA390 Is the most budget-friendly and easy on pocket Earbuds out there to try on. This is an excellent value for the money headphone that has all the features. The commendable features.

If we talk about the design of this RHA MA390. The neckband is super soft and easy to use anywhere. We do use in-Ear Headphones while running. Gymming and other places and this piece aren’t going to disappoint you with its build quality. And the RHA MA390 is sweatproof, so it’s good to use on a day to day basis. Has IPX3 built to make it perfect sweatproof earbuds?

+ The Excellent Build Quality
+ Super Dynamic Sound
+ Great Value for the money headphone
+ Super Classy

What We Liked: We are going to rave about its incredible sound quality. As in this tiny budget getting the headphone that has excellent sound quality isn’t an easy task. But this RHA MA390 deserves to be in this topmost amazing headphone list because of its design and sound performance.

7. Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds

This Amazon Echo bud is the first headphone from the giant e-commerce brand Amazon family that is truly wireless. This Amazon Echo bud is one of the budget-friendly Earbuds out there. This piece is reliable and easy to use with a great price tag.

While talking about the design of Amazon Echo, Buds is quite impressive as compared to the competition out there. For this price, the plan is good to talk about. If we go with the noise reduction feature, this also makes it deserving to be on the list.

The Noise-reducing feature can go a bit better. The sound quality and the battery life is a bit of an edge to consider for the top headphone list. As this could go a bit better version of itself.

The bluetooth connection is quite strong. It’s almost 30 feet and pleasant to use while traveling.
Hands-free with Alexa – Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls, or get directions!

+ The Noise Reduction is Amazing
+ The Build is great
+ The Connections s reliable and strong
+ Excellent Value for the money

What We liked: We are going to talk about its noise reduction feature and its fantastic bluetooth connection reliability. As this is the first likable feature. Though the Amazon Echo Buds are budget-friendly and easy to use daily.

8. Jaybird X4

The Jaybird X4 has come with an IPX7 Water resistance and redesigned wingtips. The Jaybird X3 was a successful piece together with all the features, and that’s why they have come up. With the better and fabulous in-Ear Headphones to talk about while being the best sports sounding creation. Quality is making the Jaybird X4 different from others because of being the finest sportsperson’s favorite piece of Earbuds.

This Jaybird X4 has an exceptional sound quality and making it engaging with the earbuds to make the sound clarity is the best Quality of Jaybird X4. This piece is a firm fit for the users looking for the perfect neckband headphone that is amazing with the finish and the design.

The design is quite firm. This is one of the most surrounding Earphones to use regularly. The crispy sound is a perfect example to apply for the sportsperson. The IPX4 water-resistant features make it a sports proof headphone that can be used while gymming and running. This makes it the sweatproof headphone as well.

+ The sound Quality is Engaging
+ The Perfect Firm Fit
+ The Useful sound customization quality

What We Liked: We will rave about the water-resistant feature the most. As this Jaybird X4 is a budget-friendly piece and its quite pleasant to use while making the best piece out there that is easy on the pocket. Fulfilling the craving of the crispy sound.

9. RHA T20i

The RHA T20i is perfect Earbuds that have the phenomenal sounding to use it according to your liking of the taste. This is the most astonishing sounding RHA T20i available out there. This has been sounding to make it a bit different, and you would just ditch your other wireless in-Ear Headphones.

It’s subtle and budget-friendly and easy to carry Earphones out there. The Build of this RHA T20i is terrific and great to use daily. The Audiophile quality of RHA T20i Is commendable as this makes the craving of the crispy sound to another level. This is customizable to any pitch of the music.

This deserves to be on this list as being one of the most comfortable to use anywhere anytime. The cable is soft and adjustable, you can use it without having a fear of tearing it. This makes this RHA T20i perfect to use while traveling, in-office or chilling at home. Audio Quality is also quite astonishing.

+ The commendable Build quality
+ Audiophile Sound is Customisable
+ The Extremely comfortable headphone out there

What We Liked: We are going to talk about the primary and perfect feature of this RHA T20i that is its sounding Quality being the in-ear headphone. This is a difficult task to choose from. The best headphone with a perfect and excellent neckband to talk about.

10. Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Beats Powerbeats Pro is a big step for the Apple Owned brand. This has been designed for the people looking to get premium in-Ear Headphones for workouts. This is the headphone that is sweatproof. It comes with the IPX4. The design has been made for the people looking to use it for exercises and running.

As it’s from the Apple family and does that make it easy to pair with Ios. This is the perfect sound and fabulous finish Beats Powerbeats Pro available out there to use while working out.

The easy to match and customizing Quality is a thing to talk about the most. The Beats Powerbeats Pro sound is enjoyable; the fit is immaculate. The fit of this Beats Powerbeats Pro designed is excellent to use. This also claims to have the noise-canceling feature, but we didn’t see much on this. Though the sound has the crisp to it.

+ The easiest pairing headphone with Ios
+ The fit is immaculate and comfortable to handle
+ Perfect headphone for the gym Person
+ The sound is enjoyable

What We Liked:  This is the perfect piece for the people looking to invest in for their exercise routines. This has a high finish to It as well.

Best Earbuds Buying Guide

The list that we have provided you above might help you in choosing the best earbuds to see. To see which one to consider and which one is more what you need according to their features and prices. But do you still have some questions in your mind?

Do you think to choose the right headphone with their specifications and count of pros? Would it be a fair decision while making your lists of aspects to decide the best one? NO! Choosing the best headphone for yourself doesn’t come with the tag of its price.

You would listen to this phrase a lot that the brand speaks, and the more you spend, the more Quality you would get. In this case, this isn’t the truth. As the budget doesn’t decide the excellent Quality of the Earbuds but the features and other things to consider.

Such as sound Quality, Audio Quality, battery life. These are the things that make the in-Ear Headphones to be the best. We are making it very easy for you and giving you the features list to see which one to choose and which one features attracts you the most. The sound quality is what you are craving for ? or you are looking for the headphone that the water-resistance. This will solve the puzzle for you!

Let’s begin the buying guide for the people out there looking to invest one time and get the best Earbuds out there.

Sound Quality

The Quality of the sound has different terms. If you are a person looking to hear the music that has the small details of the audio into it. Or would you rather prefer a sound that has a strong bass? Even if you are a person that prefers the sound softer and more rounded sound, this will catch you on a different level.
So think of the sounds that you prefer, this will help you choose the pitch of the music that can make your best headphone choice a bit easy and helpful. If you do understand the preference of sound and what kind of sound you would like to hear. This is going to help you invest little and see what are the in-Ear Headphones that have all features that can help you get your best one.


Are you a call person? If you are using the earbuds for the need to use it while calling, then the Microphone is one of the most important features to see in your in-ear headphones. If not you never know, the need can arrive anytime. You need to look for the options that the Microphone enables. and mostly Earphones do have the excellent Quality of the Microphone available to use. This Mic can help you send voice messages, voice mail, memos. If you are into recording, then this is one of the most needed features for you!
Earbuds usually come with built-in microphones. But still, you should check before purchasing. See the reviews and check the specifications carefully while buying.

Comfortable Fit and Design

This is going to be an essential task for you. Choosing the design of the earbuds that suits you does fit your ear can be time taking responsibility. You need to buy that have many exchangeable tips. This will help you choose the best advice that fits your ear and is comfortable as well.

This will surely give you the conclusion of the right one and to see if you like the soft and subtle ones. Or you would instead choose the earbuds that are hard and makes the fitting tight to the ear.

Also, you need to see them while running and exercising. This will help you decide with ear tips that are most fitted to your ear. The ear tips that are not slipping even when you are running that is the perfect size, design, and finish what you need to have. You can always look for those options available.

Volume Controls

Volume Control buttons are not the standard and not available with all the models, especially the wireless ones. So always look for the options that have the volume control button open within the earbuds. Because finding the Volume control buttons in them isn’t an easy task. Some high-end brands do give this option.

This Volume Control button helps the person to control the volume instead of getting your phone out of the pocket and then do the needful. This option helps when you are on a call. So if you are a person who does want to have earbuds for calls and for listening to music according to the volume every time. Look for the ones that come with the Volume Control Button.

Noise Cancellation

Earbuds tend to have this ability automatically to shut the exterior sound out of the headphone. And make the sound clearer and sharper. But not all in-ear earbuds have this feature available you will need to look for the options.

That has this kind of noise-canceling feature available. If you are a person that doesn’t compromise on the Quality of the sound. Music that you are hearing, then you should look for the headphone that has the noise cancelation active. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a good purchase for you!
This isn’t just useful for the people who are listening to music. But it also helps with the calls and other things that help the exterior crowded out of the earbuds and makes the sound come to you smoothly and clear.

Water Resistant Features

How can we not look for the water-resistant in-Ear Headphones? This is one of the most critical and high demanded features to talk about. Using the water-resistant earbuds can help them not to get damaged by anything spilling on it.

If you are running exercising, the water-resistant can be safe to use. As it won’t damage the in-Ear Headphones there. So it’s a great deal for the people looking to buy the water-resistant Earphones, as sweat can come to it anytime while exercising. Look for the water-resistant ones. Keep in mind waterproof and water-resistant are two different terms. Waterproof is the most not submerged in water earbuds.


Which brand’s earphones are the best?

We just can’t take a single name, as everyone’s choice is different and we are unable to take a name. Apple Airpods Pro, Jabra Elite and Beats are considered to be the best ones. But still, this has to be on your choice, some have mic features, some have noise cancelation, some are good for exercising and some go for other things. Hence you need to decide which one suits you the best according to your needs and preferences.

How do I keep my earbuds from falling out?

You need to use ear tips that come with earbuds. Also if it’s falling out from the ear, then use the earbuds that are comfortable and fit to your ear. Choose the one those designs are made for your ear. Use soft tips.

Expert Tip

If you are looking for comfortable earbuds to use, always look for the Foam ear Tips. This is soft and easy to use. Never go hard on your ear and wouldn’t hurt it ever.

Did you know this?

You need to clean your earbuds. You can use any clothing to clean it. It prevents dirt and bacteria. According to the research, 8% of the earbuds users clean it. So make the percentage a bit higher and start cleaning your earbuds.