10 Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds in 2020

In the race of the new era of going all wireless. You would be thinking of investing a lot to get wireless earbuds that would cost 100s of dollars. No! The brands have been competitive to another and in this race of what gives all. Good brands also have economical price models available. You can go inexpensive and still have all the comfort of listening to music without wires. The options are a lot; hence the quality is rare.

You can get good performing ones in a tiny amount, it’s all a matter of research. Hence we do it here for you! You don’t need to research further as we have tested over hundreds of economical best value wireless earbuds that would be easy on your wallet and have all the good things that you would look for in your go-to earphones.

You will need to get the ones that fit your needs to see what the main features that you want in your In-Ear Headphones are and then see if that particular piece is a great fit according to your preference. The below list will sort things out for you and can give you the idea of all Earbuds that are economical and readily available:

1. Creative Outlier Gold

The Creative Outlier Gold has an incredible battery life that is unbeatable for even expensive brands. they don’t have only a perfect 14 hours long batter but give you the delicate, excellent finishing design as well. To wear it all day long. This is an absolute value for money that comes in our economical list on top. Not just because they are money value ones, but because they are giving some extraordinary features with the tiny payment.

This one has an incredible auditory range, perfectly balanced bass. The bass of this Creative Outlier Gold doesn’t hurt the ear. This is also very affluent to wear on a long hour basis. Such as if you want to travel and to look for the perfect pair you would need to get your hands on the Creative Outlier Gold.

The perfect option that has the incredible and perfect sound to catch and a fantastic finish that speaks itself. This not only contented but the color of this Creative Outlier Gold the golden and black is classy in its own self. Buy this if you want to save some money and get looking for some extraordinary battery life with incredible features that also come in the price range of under $100—yet still giving you the best features quality with premium essence.

+ Perfect Battery life that lasts for more than 14 hours
+ Incredible sound quality
+ Perfect finish and design
+ Attractive design
+ GREAT Value for the money

What We Liked: We wanted this Creative Outlier Gold because it’s perfect for the money, the battery life is long. That we have already discussed that lasts for more than 14 hours. What else would you look for?

2. 1More Stylish

This is another great pick of the most inexpensive earbuds that you can have on your hands. Its build quality is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

The battery life of 1More Stylish lasts for more than 10 hours which makes it one of the highest-rated. they work indecently. The 1More Stylish comes with its pros and cons as well. But the good thing about them is that it’s modish and complacent to carry with good long-lasting battery life and perfectly balanced sound. Not only that premium features and outclasses design too that comes under $100. What else would you look for? The pros say it all. Grab on this piece and save your money.

+ Good Battery Life
+ Stylish design
+ Wearable, doesn’t hurt the earlobes
+ Worth the price

What We Liked: The cheap 1More Stylish that can work independently as well. Being the most reasonably priced, genuinely 1More Stylish. Also, the battery life of this 1More Stylish True Wireless is incredible though it never would fail to impress the audience. Get this in-ear headphone if you want something good being in your budget.

3. Anker Sound Core Liberty Air 2

The Anker Sound Core Liberty Air 2 comes at a more cost-effective price. Suitable for everyone who is looking to invest and get most of the excellent features out of it. The predecessor of this model has improved in many ways, such as the performance of them is top-notch. Including the battery life is outstanding that lasts for more than 12 hours which is quite a great deal.

The USB-C and wireless charging make it a good to use earbuds that are readily usable and wearable wherever you go. Be it in working outs or office. The battery life would be with you the whole day long. These budget-friendly Sound Core Liberty Air 2 are water-resistant with an IPX3 rating. They are comfortable to wear, and it’s great that it fits most of the ears comfortably. The Company App can tweak with its equalizer the sound that it comes with.

Also, it comes with the Touch controls programs that make it super easy to use while making the handiest and sustainable headphones to buy out there. The only thing we can compromise for this in-ear headphone is that the sound is a bit light and noise isolating is a bit reluctant. Otherwise, this piece is an excellent buy for everyone.

This could be the best-purchased affordable wireless earbuds that sound amazing, have a great playtime that lasts for fortune and still isn’t pricey. This isn’t pricey yet always makes a considerable difference while giving you the extraordinary features with a great essence of the earfuls.

+ Incredible battery life
+ Perfect Wireless charging
+ Great App for sound tweaking
+ Perfect Touch Controls Program available
+ Great Value for the money In-Ear Headphones

What We Liked: This has the best top-notch acoustics with other great features. This also said to be the best alternative to use as compared to Airpods 2 and definitely an excellent value for the money wireless in-ear headphone.

4. JLab JBuds Air Sport

The JLab JBuds Air Sport is the athletic version of the company’s range. They sound great; they are unbeatable and easy to use. The ear hooks are pliable; the shape of the design works perfectly and fits everyone. This is an excellent option that is wearable for even 12 hours long; this won’t hurt the earlobes even after wearing it for a whole long day.

The JLab JBuds Air Sport has the unapologetically heavy bass with its signature listening quality that is rare to find in any other brand. This is a perfect handy In-Ear headphone that has been designed for constitutional people. To give them the athletic feel when they are working out. It can be a great motivation once you wear them off.

Long time play with an exceptional charging case. Perfect sweatproof with an IP66 that makes the sweat holds up with not damaging the device. There is also an AUTO ON and connects them that have fast pairing as well. Go for this and enjoy the Stereo Audio calling that works great. Enjoy the music with the Custom EQ3 Sound.

+ Great Sound Quality
+ Heavy bass
+ 12 Hours-long battery Life

What We Liked: We wanted these Sound Core Liberty Air 2 as it says been designed for the sports and working out person. They are affluent and easy to wear. The good thing about them is that they have an unmatchable bass that is rare to find in any other models under this price range. Super easy to carry with great design. Get this fantastic budget-friendly headphone if you want it ALL.

5. Soul ST-XX

The Perfect designed Soul ST-XX comes with the Superior high-performance sound quality. That is considered to give you the excellent listening quality that performs way balanced and even soft to the ear. It doesn’t budge anytime. This is one of the best on the go In-Ear Headphones to use.

It can be used while doing a treadmill, walking on the beach or relaxing while sitting in the office. This has a long battery life that lasts for more than 12 hours. They are IPX5 and weatherproofing for the protection of the sweat and rain.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that promises a higher data transfer rate from your streaming device like mobile. and results in clear music listening. This wireless headphone also comes in many colors such as blue, pink, yellow, red, white and black. This is super interesting to buy the colors according to your choice and have the perfect in-ear headphone within a budget. The soul signature sound and perfect IPX5 make it the best combination to try out for a more extended period as It also comes with a warranty and with great colors is a deal to have that you can get in less $100.

+ The acoustics is great
+ Battery Life is 12 Hours Long
+ Sweat Proof and Rainproof
+ Comes in many colors
+ The listening quality is astonishing

What We Liked: We would like the fact of this Soul ST-XX that it can be used anywhere, not because it’s giving you the perfect weatherproof feature. But the sound quality is soothing to the ear. The perfect pitch of the sound makes it different from others. This is usable and wearable for more than 12 hours a day.

6. SoundPEATS TrueFree+

The SoundPEATS TrueFree+ has been a genuinely magical earbud that has the great features to count including a long battery timing. The battery timing of these SoundPEATS lasts for more than 15 hours.

That comes under $50 List. The SoundPEATS have Bluetooth 5.0, which works incredibly tremendously and has a proper frequency. With 15 hours of playtime, these SoundPEATS work perfectly and never hurt the earlobes. The ear tips have been designed to protect the noise isolation and give a high tonal quality that works astonishingly.

SoundPEATS also happens to have a good microphone for hands-free calling to provide the excellent call time to users with the perfect audio quality. This is all that you are getting in a small amount of money. Doesn’t this sound crazy? This is another great budget option that provides one-step pairing to the customers.

+ 15 Hours Long playtime
+ Perfect for Calls
+ Bluetooth 5.0
+ IPX7
+ One step sharp pairing

What We Liked: We wanted a lot of things in this SoundPEATS TrueFree+. This has been giving a lot of useful features to the users in a reasonable amount which is already a fair deal to anyone. The design is what hooked us, and this is the excellent IPX7 works perfectly and gives you the confidence to use your SoundPEATS in wet weather. Get your hands on this and save money. Now!

7. TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53

If you want to use the True Wireless Earbuds that can put a smile on your face and your wallet, you need to buy these TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53.

The perfect sound quality that it’s giving the users. This TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 has also happened to have a Bluetooth 5.0 that allows your SoundPEATS to stream high-quality sounds. For its price, these affordable SoundPEATS are giving you the unmatchable superior sound quality. The sound is balanced and melts into your ears.

The battery life of this TaoTronics SoundLiberty 53 works for more than 12 hours which is almost the same as premium ones. The IPX7 Sweatproof SoundPEATS that are coming at less price who would want to miss a deal? These are the In-ear Earbuds that come with a small charging case as well that makes it device usable even for a more extended period.

+ Perfect Pairing
+ Long battery Life
+ Sounds balanced
+ IPX7 water resistance
+ The charging case is small and handy

What We Liked: We loved this in-ear headphone for many reasons. Being the best for its price. It’s giving extraordinary to the customers already. With the excellent tonal quality and the perfect finish to the design makes it a good version to buy and use daily.

8. Jaybird Tarah Wireless

The Jaybird Tarah Wireless has been designed to be usable for the people who love to the constitution, do running and gymming while listening to their favorite music. This happens to have the best sweatproof and waterproof In-Ear Headphones out there with IPX7.

The Jaybird Tarah Wireless is the best choice to have if you are looking to spend a tiny amount and want to achieve many of all the premium features. This provides the Bluetooth 5.0 This has also been impressing the users with its 6 Hours of unstoppable playtime. The 10 minutes of fast charging provides the whole 6 hours of extended battery life. What else would you look to have?

The perfect sweatproof budget Bluetooth Jaybird Tarah Wireless for the gym lovers that provides the users with no sweat and water guaranteed that could destroy them. You can use it without the fear of losing while running fast on your treadmills. Perfect Premium sound quality with Custom EQ. Great for the music and calls features. This Jaybird Tarah Wireless is a great sport fit in-ear headphone, grab this soon and avail the fantastic price.

+ Perfect sound properties with EQ
+ Great for Calls
+ Sweat and Waterproof IPX7
+ 6 hours of Long battery Timing
+ Fast Charging ability

What We Liked: We definitely liked this headphone because this is the perfect buy with such a low price for the users who would want to hear the music for an extended period of time in the gym or traveling. This could be an excellent purchase for you!


These ones are contented to use for a more extended period of time. Talking about the right HD sound, this has the High-end Beryllium drivers that make the music to be perfect with three years of R&D Bluetooth to make your listening experience much better than before.

This right wireless earbud has exceptional technology hence giving the best sound pump out quality to the users. This is your perfect friend for spots and running as this provides IPX4 that makes it the sweatproof TREBLAB X5 to use. The design has been made with care that won’t make it slip from the ear. It’s quite firmly fitted to the ear.

This TREBLAB X5 has the advanced passive voice technology that blocks all the unwanted crowdie sound that can come your way. This TREBLAB X5 also has a Huge battery that performs for more than 6+ Hours. The charging is also quite fast. Fifteen minutes and it’s ultimately charged.

+ IPX4 Sweatproof
+ Worth the money
+ Huge battery Playtime
+ Perfect for sports person
+ Firm Fits
+ Wearable for long hours.

What We Liked: We loved this whole idea of the TREBLAB X5, how it has been made for the sportsperson, and why it’s so sustainable. Including all the exceptional features the TREBLAB X5 is giving to the users. It sounds unbelievable, yet it has all the main and needful elements that anyone would want to look in their earbuds. Grab on this before the stock is out.


The PASONOMI are the ones most inexpensive headphones out there available in the market. This has Bluetooth with 5.0 Stereo. The PASONOMI offers superior sound quality and other features in a very low budget. This adopting Bluetooth has 5.0 and lossless HD Rendering technology that has been proving to have the crispy treble music quality.

This is equipped with one step pairing. Only pull the left and right earbuds out of the charger, and it would be paired up. This PASONOMI has a portable charging case as well. The playtime is as long as it goes for more than 4 hours. The charging case has been built with a 2200mAh battery. You can use the charging when you need to charge it again while you aren’t home. These PASONOMI have IPX7 sweatproof and waterproof that makes them use while gymming, running, jogging and in raining as well.

+ Comes with a tiny charging case
+ Bluetooth inability
+ IPX7 performance great
+ Great for long hour’s playtime

What We Liked: We wanted these PASONOMI because this is one of the most wallet-friendly that wouldn’t break you. Still would give you the latest features such as IPX7, Bluetooth and a high charging case. This is an excellent purchase for the people looking to invest and still wants to have perfect earbuds.

Cheap Wireless Earbuds Buyers Guide

No matter how much you have researched and have come to the right wireless earbuds that you would buy. Still, you would need to see the things on why you should use those particular options. Some very legit features to look for. Also, if you are going to buy the ones that have IPX, Bluetooth, how does it help, and why do you need it? You need to know all other things, including the features that can help you in your daily life.

If you are a gym person, you should be looking for an in-ear headphone that has IPX and a firm fit. That makes them sweatproof, and the firm fit gives you the fitting to the ear that doesn’t make them go slip from the ear. No matter if you are spending less or more, the feature count and preference should be important and your primary concern.

Buying more cost-effective doesn’t make you have any less of the right ones. You can still enjoy all the luxuries features within your budget and see what needs to be preferred and see what the main features to look for before buying the earbuds itself are. This guide will help you know more about the things that In-Ear Headphones are offering to the users these days, that may be neglected by you before. But with this research, it can be more helpful for you to choose the perfect piece for you! Let’s get a jump into the guide now!

Audio Quality

The audio does matter a lot when you are buying budget wireless earbuds and looking to use it to call. The sound properties should be your primary concern if you are a calling person. The brands that we have mentioned above have a high audio quality. It’s balanced and with perfect sound.

The right amount of bass matters a lot and is very uncommon in competitive brands. Though we got you covered with this thing. So take this on your note and see our recommendation if you are a frequent call user.


Comfortable with the usage of the wireless earbuds come very fast. This should be the concern of every user out there looking to spend even a penny on buying in-ear headphones. But do all of them promise to give you comfort? No! Some of the high-end ones failed to impress the audience with their plastic and sealed ear tips that were so uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Even some very cheap pieces do come with the idea of the different sizes of the ear tips that fit all models.

This way, you can adjust the size of them and use them comfortably all day long. The IEMS is the most critical part of any of them. Do the ear tips, ear pads, and earplugs need to have an affluent size adjusting design. That can suit every person looking to invest. The list that we have provided above has all the models that are contented and easy to wear for a whole long day.


The earbuds have to be robust enough to give you the full strength and be with you all day long. The low price and low budget embeds don’t mean to have low-quality materials. The reasonably priced ones can also be doable and reliable to use even in raining and in stable weather. You should look for the pieces that come with the IPX and get the best sustainable pieces for your running, gumming, working out and other purposes.

If you are looking to buy the in-ear headphone that is budget-friendly and hence the IPX, you will need to examine our list that has specific IPX features available that would be durable to use if you are a sportsperson. Hence durability should be the primary concern of any sports, or gym person In-Ear Headphones ideas. They would be using them while sweating, running. So we recommend looking for the right options that have excellent reliability.

Noise Isolation

The cheap and economical wireless earbuds don’t come with active noise cancellation. Hence the passive noise cancellation does a pretty good job as well. You can look for the inexpensive pieces out there mentioned in the list that has a versatile of being the one passive voice technology.

The passive noise cancellation also can work well and can eliminate the unwanted sound coming your way. This doesn’t go the job as per the active noise cancellation but being in a budget, and you can look for this option.

Value for Money

Some brands have come up with the less price of the headphone that would serve the same as the big brands are giving you. Though the competition is very high between the amounts of $50 to $100. Several good brands are also coming up with their reasonable including all good qualities of them that it should have. So it’s a great plus for the consumers who are looking for the perfect pair at low prices. Because of the competition between many of the brands, the consumers are getting the benefits of getting high end valued models at such low prices.