15 Best Wireless Earbuds (Bluetooth Earbuds) in 2020

These are the Best Wireless Earbuds based on our editor’s in-depth reviews. You won’t need to struggle anymore finding out your best pair of wireless earbuds because we have researched the whole market and tested all variety of them, In order to compile a list that will save your plenty of time and help you choose next buds right away.

If you are in a low mood and want to switch it on. Music is the only therapy. Thus if you are a fan of music and looking for a good pair of Wireless Earbuds. you should definitely read this guide.

This could be a confusing thing for you if you are looking to choose the best piece. This research will help you choose the products by giving you their specs and features they have. And you can see if that’s what you are looking to have in your earbuds.

Also, the guide that can help you see what features made for what reason.

1.  Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3 is an earbud beating all other competitors in the market. The classic long-life battery and superior noise cancelling features make it one of the most demanding. This is an incomparable earbud that you would want to try out.

Exceptional Noise cancellation makes it the best version of Sony. The battery timing can last for more than 15 hours.

The design of this WF-1000XM3 is out of class, the white colour and its finish make it the best looking ones to try out. The perfect finish of the design and a great build is something to die.

Sony WF-1000XM3 promises to deliver the top-notch sound quality as well. We have used its many versions, and we can swear that its sound quality is unbeatable. Its noise-cancelling effect makes the sound even better . Doesn’t matter if you are in a crowded place or wherever. The exterior sound has already been blocked.

+ Commendable Noise Cancellation
+ 15 Hours Long Battery Timing
+ Astonishing design
+ Super Amazing finish
+ Comfortable

What We Liked: The absolutely fantastic Sony WF-1000XM3 is one of those earbuds that delivers what they claim. We liked the fact that the noise cancellation, battery timing and finish is classy and is worth the price.

2. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

Are you looking for the truly wireless earbuds that are cheap and not heavy on the pocket? The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 does wonders to it. Perfect crispy sound quality to the core. Being one of the cheapest ones the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 is giving an exceptionally long battery timing as well.

The battery lasts for more than 10 hours. These Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 are something that anyone can afford. Comfortable ear-tips are one of the best reasons to get your hands on them. This has the great Build quality giving it an amazing finish to the design.

These are cheaper than the Apple Airpods, but we can be sure of the fact that this is giving the best sound quality. Perfect for the audiophile sound .. This Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 is giving the best design to use, many big names have raved about this usage. The battery timings are excellent to perform on any dance moves. Be it in a gym, or while travelling this Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 won’t ditch you!

+ Great Value for the Money
+ Perfect design
+ Great Finish
+ Ear tips are comfortable to use
+ Crispy audiophile sound quality

What We Liked: Our vote would definitely go with this piece of Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 because of the sound performance. If you are getting this kind of a headphone for this price, then this is the absolute winning deal for the people. Looking for the longer battery timing, perfect sound quality and comfortable ear tips.

3. Apple Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods Pro is the only in-ear headphones that are giving extraordinary features to the users. With the amazing finish of the design that is comfortable to wear all day long. Ear Tips are extremely comfortable. They are soft and never discomfort the ear. This is an absolute winning deal for the users looking to buy an extravagant bud that is suitable to wear for more than 15 hours easily.

Apple Airpods Pro is the one brand that is giving an absolute 100% noise cancelling feature for the users looking to extract those exterior sounds and wants to hear the perfect music all day long.. If we talk even about the battery life, that is also unbeatable. This Apple Airpods Pro gives you the 9 hours long battery timing. This should be your next purchase if you are truly a fan of an Apple brand and looking to have something extraordinary for you! Perfect battery timing, comfortable to wear and great finish makes this Apple Airpods Pro win the race. It also has Siri so wherever you need whatever you want to play just say HI SIRI and it is on!

+ Perfect Sound Quality
+ Great Noise Cancelation
+ Worth The Money
+ 9 Hours Long Battery Timing

What We Liked: We absolutely loved all the features of the Apple Airpods Pro. But we just can’t neglect the noise cancellation as this works superbly.  It’s not that expensive, and you can buy this if you are a fan of Apple. The battery timing is also commendable.

4. Jabra Elite 75t

If you are looking for wireless earbuds that are light on the pocket and still have commendable features, you should definitely go with the Jabra Elite 75t. This is one of the most fantastic pieces that come with the charging case. The Jabra Elite 75t itself is giving 7 hours of long battery timing.

With the charging case, it’s making it go for more than 20 long hours. No joke at all. This is an absolutely great option for the people looking to buy a piece with a charging case, as it’s usable in the office, home or anywhere. While running, gymming, and doing anything whatsoever. This promises to deliver high-quality sound.

Thus, our users have used it and reviewed this as one of the finest sound quality other than any brand. This looks to be one of the most promising option. The charging case is much smaller that is usable anywhere you can bring this anywhere while keeping it in the pocket. The bass of this Jabra Elite 75t is just overwhelming the sound otherwise it’s the best piece to use in the market these days. The EQ in Jabra Elite 75t lets you customize the sound and other things using the App, which is also a plus point for this buy.

+ 7 hours long battery on a Single Charger
+ Compact Case
+ The charging case is quite small, easy to carry
+ App Lets you Customize the EQ

What We Liked: We are going with its App customization quality that lets you edit anything using the EQ. Which is quite the best feature among all? Also, this is light on your pocket.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds

Are you an Android or a Samsung user? Looking for the warm, bassy sound? Then the Samsung Galaxy Buds should be your next purchase. The comfortable ear tips, stylish design and amazing finish, makes it deserve to be in one the best truly wireless earbuds list. This has the perfect bassy sound to provide to our users.

This piece is definitely a good catch for the people looking for the extra bass in their daily music list. The fitting of Samsung galaxy buds is quite comfortable, and it doesn’t hurt your earlobes. The stylish design is impressive for the people looking to use it on a daily basis. This definitely is the earbuds that you can easily wear for more than 12 hours, it’s easy to wear and does fit perfectly. It’s also quite secure with the ear. This is an absolutely amazing purchase for Samsung and Android users.

+ Powerful bass
+ The stylish design
+ Easy to pair
+ Comfortable and Secure Fit

What We Liked: The Samsung users are definitely going to love this Samsung Galaxy Buds, but we also liked it because it has the powerful bass. That makes the sound worth hearing. Great for the part person and amazing to use for long hours.

6.  Beats Powerbeats Pro

The Beats Powerbeats Pro is one of the most highly requested product in the market that are truly wireless. The Beats Powerbeats Pro is secure to fit the ear. Their ear hooks are comfortable and easy to use daily.

They can be worn for long hours, such as 12 hours easily because of the fact that they are highly comfortable to use on a longer hours basis. The sound is crispy. This Beats Powerbeats Pro also has Noise resistance.

The IPX4 Sweatproof feature is what makes the Beats Powerbeats Pro one of the most deserving model in our list. This Beats Powerbeats Pro is perfect for the people looking to use the buds with perfect sound while they are running, jogging and gyming. It’s a perfect piece for the gym lovers who are looking to spend something good while looking for truly sweatproof ones.

+ IPX4 Sweatproof
+ 8 hours long batter
+ Comfortable and Secure Fit
+ Easy to use

What We liked: We liked the Beats Powerbeats Pro being it one of the perfect choice to use while running. This has a secure fit and perfect design. This is the best purchase for gym fans.

7.  Amazon Echo Buds

Amazon Echo Buds are the first pair of earbuds that Amazon has introduced. This has truly opened the gate of the great features such as long battery life, reliability, secure and amazing noise reduction feature. Hands-free with Alexa – Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls, or get directions. This really is in demand of the users.

Amazon Echo Buds Have an unbeatable perfect sound that does make it the finest piece for the people looking to spend on something new, which is truly promising.

The battery timing and sound quality can go a little bit better. But if you are looking for the perfect good value buds that are truly wireless and have amazing noise reduction features go with this brand.

+ Commendable Noise Reduction
+ Great Value for the Money
+ Strong and Reliable connection

What We Liked: Amazon Echo Buds Are the perfect choice for the people looking to invest in such high-end brands. Also, it’s a truly wireless earbud that has noise reduction.

8. Creative Outlier Gold

The Creative Outlier Gold being one of the best wireless earbuds comes with an incredible battery timing of long 14 hours Battery Timing. They are great value for the money and isn’t much expensive; it’s easy on the pocket.

The sound of this Creative Outlier Gold is loud, punchy and warm. The sound quality is experimentally for the adults looking for some high pitch sound and needs to have the motivation during their gym and stress works tensions. This is actually made for those people. The Creative Outlier Gold is quite comfortable to wear, to be honest.

This has nice ear tips that go comfortable with the earlobes, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Even if you wear it for 15 hours long according to its commendable battery Timing, your ears won’t hurt trust us.
The sound is something that you would go and definitely invest in. And If you are a person looking for some aesthetic buds that are truly wireless and have an amazingly long-life battery. Then you should definitely pick this one on your cart as this is one of the most comfortable, high end, perfect battery timing earbuds that you would get on your hands.

+ 15 Hours Long Battery Timing
+ Warm, Punchy Sound
+ Comfortable to wear for Longer Hours
+ Easy To Pair

What We Liked: We are definitely going with the battery timing of Creative Outlier Gold. This is quite commendable, and we just can’t neglect these Creative Outlier Gold. Do have such long hours of battery timings with incredible warm sounds.

9. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

Are you not fed up with your wired remotes and those trailing cables strangling here and there? You should just go with the best, and for most, the users choose earbuds that are Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. Such nice battery timing with that stylish design are rare to find. This Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless comes with an excellent battery timing on its own that lasts for more than 15 hours.

This Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless also comes with two full charge cases that last for more than 30 hours. That you can enjoy your music with you every time you go out of your house. This is the best and the utmost performance earbuds that are not only truly wireless, but the sound is balanced and vibrant. This is strong and reliable to use.

This means that you can use it while running, gymming and doing exercises. This won’t fall out as the ear tips are a good grip to your ear. The astonishing design of this Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is also a world-class earbud that speaks for itself. The shiny sparks make a bit out of the way earbuds to try on. For the people looking to invest in something good while having those smart controls on your fingers all the time. These smart controls could have gotten better. But this truly wireless Sennheiser Momentum deserves to have all the praises.

+ The sound range is amazing
+ The design is stylish
+ This case comes with two full charges

What We Liked: We definitely would choose the design and style of this Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless. Though the sound and the battery is quite an impressive option to have it for yourself.

10. Klipsch T5

The truly wireless earbuds that Klipsch T5 True has the best battery among all. If you are a person who just can’t compromise on the quality of the battery and its wireless tunes. Then just grab your hands on this Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones.

This is a bit pricey according to the other models listening to those sound quality such as Sennheiser. But this has a strong battery timing that lasts for more than 15 hours. This also the nice build to it, makes the sound go with the flow.

Doesn’t pitch or hurt the ear. This Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones is comfortable to use on a daily basis. This is giving us a better warm, detailed sound. This could have gotten a bit better. But still, it is doing well if we have other features in the bar as well.

+ Incredible build quality
+ Perfect, Warmth Sound Detailing
+ Commendable battery Timing to it.

What We Liked: We definitely would go with its strong connection, as it’s a true wireless earbud. This has a strong build. Also, the battery is commendable. So if you are a person who couldn’t compromise on these things. You should definitely check this Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earphones out.

11. Beats PowerBeats 3

This Beats PowerBeats 3 gets a lot of things right such as great build quality. Perfect battery timing and a lot more things. The price is a bit of a question according to the features it has. But it’s worthwhile. The perfect balanced sound quality and the responsive bass makes it a pretty different headphone to try on.

This has been loved by the gym people. As it’s great to try for the people who love running, the build is strong, and it does support your earlobes, and it sounds great then. Also, the design and the finish speaks for itself. Such as it’s a well-designed earbud with the great wireless that goes for miles aways and still works perfectly.

This is an absolutely great purchase for the people who can invest a good and look to try a piece worth its price. This is a great earbud to try on for the fitness people. Great battery timing, perfect sound and well-made design is the perfect combination any fitness freak would love to have.

+ Great Long time battery
+ Perfect Design and Finish
+ Comfortable to wear for longer hours
+ Astonishing sound quality

What We Liked: This Beats PowerBeats 3 is a pretty good fit for the people looking to invest in a piece that is helpful while gymming, running. This Beats PowerBeats 3 proves to have a long-lasting battery and great sound quality. So we will definitely choose these ones any day.

12. Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless

The Jaybird Tarah Pro has already won its users by giving us the major, fantastic piece with its Pro Version. That is Jaybird Tarah Pro Sports. This says sports because it’s the best for the people who are in sports. Looking for the piece with the long battery life that supports for almost 8 hours. Perfect finish to the ear that makes your ear feel comfortable and doesn’t hurt it. Also, it’s the first Jaybird who happens to have the three-point charging connector. Isn’t it awesome?

The Jaybird isn’t a cheap earbud to try to be true. But it’s worth the price. The durability Jaybird Tarah Pro has it deserves all the praise. These ones you can use in any condition in any weather, they are durable. The design has been made to feel the harshness, but its support is completely reliable. This also has the Tactile Ripe Cabling, which is fantastic to use for the sportsperson. The App that Jaybird Tarah Pro is easy and safe to use.

+ Tactile Rope Cabling
+ Perfect Sound Quality
+ Jaybird App is easy to use
+ Three-point charging connector

What We Liked: We definitely would choose its reliability and durability out of all other things. This really deserves to be on top of the list. The sound quality, perfect pitch and long battery timings say it all. This should be in your pocket. If you love sports, Or if you are into fitness.

13. Jaybird X4

This Jaybird X4 has IPX7 water resistance. The redesigned wingtips are the perfect combination for any sportsperson would go for it. The successor of the Jaybird X3 didn’t disappoint so after that the Jaybird X4 came with its new features to talk about. Perfect sound, even better than the previous version for sure.

This has been designed delicately with all the details that have been taken care of such as its wireless earbuds, so it’s perfect for the sportsperson. With giving amazing durability and perfect finish of the design, this deserves to be in any sportsman pocket. This can be used, while you are running, doing exercise or working out in the gym.

This has IPX7 water resistance so it’s a sweatproof piece usable anywhere you would like to use. This won’t ditch in any weather condition. A Bit pricey though, but the features are worth trying.

+ Perfect for the sportsperson
+ Engaging sound
+ Firm Fit
+ Useful Sound Customization

What We liked: We liked the fact of this Jaybird X4 as this is sweatproof and water-resistant. Perfect pair that can be used literally anywhere you would like to use. With the perfect and finish and firm Fit makes it the all-rounder piece.

14. Bose SoundSport

The Bose SoundSport Free is an excellent solid pair of wireless earbuds. The in-ear headphones with an ultra-reliable connection are available to use on a daily basis. They easily bear all the conditions and won’t ditch you be it any gym, doing working outs and anything.

This will maintain its design and finish throughout the use. They are one of the most reliable buds to try out. They are built for any kind of abuse while running and exercise they can surely bear it all. They are built to be used by sportspeople.

If you are into this and looking to try something solid that is durable and high in demand, take this one. This is cheap and easy to carry ones. They also happen to have great battery life. Use it anywhere it will last for more than 15 hours. Their ear tips are soft and easy to wear for a long period. This has a great balanced sound, and it won’t make it hear punchy to the ear!

+ Excellent Balanced sound
+ Great Battery Life
+ Built for Abuse
+ Reliable, easy to carry

What We Liked: We liked this Bose SoundSport Free because it’s one of the best choices. Available in the market that has been built to use according to the user’s choice. Be it in the gym, working out or anywhere. Listen to your music without having a fear of damaging.

15. Bose QuietControl 30

The Bose QuietControl 30 has the perfect battery life to use it for 12 long hours. Great sound and reliable to use anywhere. Would you want to hear the music while running on your treadmill? Buy this Bose QuietControl 30.

This has the perfect reliability of being one of the finest pieces to use. This also has the noise cancellation that will clear out all the exterior sound coming your way. This happens to have the best sounding quality with a great build. Use this headphone while travelling, running, jogging and doing any exercise. Without the fear of falling these wireless earbuds out. This Bose QuietControl 30 is comfortable to the ear.

The ear tips are soft and easy to carry even if you are wearing it for 12 long hours. Yes, this won’t hurt and damage your ear. This is variable with many other features such as noise cancellation, perfect sound, great battery and with a perfect finish. This Bose QuietControl 30 has it all.

+ Astonishing sound quality
+ Great Build
+ Easy To carry
+ Comfortable
+ Long-lasting battery

What We Liked: We liked this Bose QuietControl 30 because of this great battery, solidly built and comfortable ear tips. This has the longest battery, and we can imagine having this much battery life at this price is quite a great deal.

The Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide

People are rushing towards the market to get their hands on earbuds.  And their so-called business to not let anyone close to it. Some are manufacturing a good piece to give you justice towards the price. And some are just rushing towards the era of being updated and sell whatever they would like to give you. With that thought, you need to be very careful while looking for the brands for choosing the perfect pair for yourself.

This all depends on the features and the design you look in your buds. This will definitely get you what you are looking for. The features and other things such as battery timing, design, IPX8 waterproofing and the comforts matter a lot. Thus we are here to guide you with the fact that not all of them are created equal.

You need to be the better judge to get your hands on the perfect and not that truly dreadful one. If you do well research and see the market and see what features can help you choose your perfect pair. You will surely end up buying the best piece from the market. If not, you will definitely be in the trap of some of the brands selling dreadful pieces and making other fools. Some pieces are legit shit that won’t be with you for even a month.


If you don’t have a good budget and are looking to get your hands on the reliable piece, then let me tell you. This is a waste of time.

You just can’t bargain with this type of wireless earbuds. You can surely get a few cheap pieces available in the market. But even after using it for a while, they will end up losing their battery life or would become a discomfort for you.

So if you are looking for the pieces that have all the good things such as good quality of a Bluetooth chip from the liked Qualcomm. They would require good decent high-density batteries in order to provide long hours of music. This doesn’t come at low prices. So invest one time, but invest well. Good quality ones don’t come at low prices.


Finding good wireless earbuds with a good pair of Ear Tips should be your main concern. If you are using silicone-based ear tips that are too small or shallow, you would never end up getting a good sound. Also, you will be able to hear the exterior, so it’s not a good deal. The good seal is very important in the Ear Tips to only hear the music. And it fits perfectly to your ear and doesn’t make you hear the other surrounding sounds.

So it’s better that you get the models that come with the options of other sizes ear tips to use. That can be fit to your ear and have easily fitted sealing. Most of them come with ear tips that need to be seated while they are not in their charging cases and this could be a problem. While using it when there is no use of fitting to your ear. Thus you need to check your wireless earbuds. And see if they firmly fit your earballs and don’t come out the moment you start running. This is the main point to see.


This is the main concern for the people looking to buy earbuds that are wireless. For themselves to look for the options that have long battery timing. Some of the many brands do ditch the people by telling them that the battery would go for 10 to 12 hours. But this end up is the total time of the listener of the battery who is using it not without the charging case.

The charging case saves the battery in itself and does it makes up 20% of the battery that is usable. So you need to be careful while looking for the option and see the total and only battery life. And see how much it does last without the charging case. This should be clear before buying any buds.


There are few brands that are giving you an option to control the volumes while you are using. The good and expensive brands do have a button or tab available on the Eartips. The smaller and cheaper brands don’t have this volume and music controls button available on the ear tips. Thus you will have to take your phone always in your hands.

To adjust the volumes and to receive and end the calls. While you are running and doing anything, this could be an irritating thing to do. Some expensive brands even have the touch, and the music gets shut when you remove any of the earbuds. This doesn’t come with any alternative brands. So look for the pieces that come with the controls on their Eartips. It’s easy to carry and hassle-free.

Noise Cancelling

Some of the wireless earbuds happen to have a noise-cancelling feature. If you aren’t aware of this feature, then this is one of the highest demanding features. Everyone looks for this noise-cancelling feature in order to block all unwanted noise around themselves., and they should. It gives you the kind of music you would like to hear and makes sure that you hear only the music. And not aircraft engine sound or that clickety-clack of a railway. This also is the feature that eats all your batteries.

So if you are looking to have the noise-cancelling feature. You should be aware of the fact that this would cost your battery life of the headphone for sure. This also helps you pause the music and listen to the other things. Without the need of removing your earbuds. This will extract all the exterior sound from your surroundings and would make you listen to what you want to listen only.

Charging case

The charging case matters a lot when you are about to go anywhere and would look to save your battery. There are many that have the small size of the charging that makes it quite handy and easy to use. You can always keep on robust and keep your earbuds with you with all the battery saved with you.

As they are smaller in size so they come with smaller batteries inside them, that can give you an easily backup time of a few hours. The battery won’t last for a longer time, and here comes the charging case that comes to solve the problem. The manufactures are providing charging cases with their earbuds, that can extend the battery life of your truly wireless earbuds to more than 30 hours. So that’s the reason it’s important to check out the backup time of your charging case that comes with your newly purchased truly wireless earbuds.


The crucial thing begins. Not all models are manufactured equally, as we said before. Some of them do deliver the maximum of the sound when they are on their maximum level of the Volume. And some of the brands do deliver a good amount of sound when even they are at their 50% level of the Volume. This is your time of how you compare to have the models and listen to your music which one is delivering a great and extravagant sound performance. While being on a low volume level.

You need to check yourself; there is no way of checking the Volume unless you use it. Or see other people reviews about the Volume of those specific brands.